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Java Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Java developers are multidisciplinary specialists who, using the same programming language, can create different products for different purposes of the company. That is why they have been hugely popular for many years and do not intend to lose this popularity. The Java programming language can be used to create both large and small applications and web products.

Java developer jobs are categorized into junior, intermediate, and senior positions, each responsible for working at different levels of the organization.

Java developer job description

Java developers often collaborate with developers who use other programming languages or tools in their work. Therefore, they can be called team players, which requires specific skills from them.

When choosing Java developer positions for work from home, specialists must consider the peculiarities of maintaining team communication within the framework of online collaboration. Candidates for such a position who previously worked only offline should prepare for new jobs with the help of hiring managers or colleagues.

Java Developer jobs responsibilities

Many responsibilities are common to all types of professionals when hiring Java Developers. The following is expected at almost all companies:

  • Development of the entire life cycle of web products and applications
  • Contributing to project performance
  • increasing the availability of systems
  • Writing scalable code
  • Search for errors and their correction in the written code
  • Implementation of the best technologies in the project
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Presentation of finished products to management and the customer
  • Implementation of updates in finished products

In addition, in Java Developer jobs, you need to be able to develop not only new projects but also work with ready-made applications and products. Often you’ll need to modify and introduce new technologies or replace components with more modern solutions.

Java programmers jobs requirements

To get a Java programmer job, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Work experience in online or offline jobs as a Java developer for 2+ years
  • Experience working with various frameworks, databases, and libraries
  • Ability to work and implement new technological solutions
  • Knowledge of OOP
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology
  • Experience with implementing automation tools
  • Experience in API, SQL, and agile development
  • Possession of different patterns and techniques for writing code
  • Ability to work with cloud technologies
  • Documentation skills
  • The ability to properly present the finished product

Some companies have additional requirements for Java Developer jobs for candidates who want to get a job from home. For example, due to the specifics of online collaboration, it is not always possible to help newcomers, so juniors are not typically hired for this position.

Benefits of working online

When choosing a job, you should pay attention to the work from home option. It is an excellent chance for Java developers to learn new things, climb the career ladder, and keep up a great quality of life.

By choosing a job at EPAM Anywhere, you’ll get a chance to choose your project among hundreds of available opportunities, constantly improving your skills and working with the latest Java and cloud technologies. Apply now!