EPAM Anywhere: EPAM Anywhere’s Interview Process: What to Expect

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EPAM Anywhere’s Interview Process: What to Expect

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Preparing for a job interview can be a pretty daunting task, but with EPAM Anywhere, we try to make it as straightforward and transparent as possible. Just like other companies, we conduct several interviews to hire the best experts; however, we strongly believe that this process is a two-way street that allows both the candidate and the company to determine if they are the right match.

With EPAM Anywhere, we've changed the rules a little bit. Our interview process is automated, providing for streamlined communication with the same quality you’d expect from face-to-face interaction. Here’s what our process looks like:

Pre-Screening & General Interview

Our pre-screening is semi-automated. An applicant simply needs to fill out an application form and upload a brief video in English on any chosen topic, so we can evaluate their level of English proficiency. Candidates can also increase their chances of being hired by testing for certain technologies, such as Java or JavaScript frameworks like Angular. Test scores are sent immediately to the user. It usually takes approximately one business day to review all the information provided by the applicant.

If the job applicant is a good fit, one of our Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists schedules a General Interview. In this step, the specialist determines if the candidate’s experience matches the job requirements and evaluates whether the specialist would be the right match for the company based on values, soft skills, and expectations. We determine the candidate’s qualification levels and core knowledge their job preferences, and their ability to travel.

Technical Interview

After a candidate passes the pre-screening and General Interview, they can schedule their Technical Interview by picking a date and time that works for them right in our platform. Alternatively, our recruiters can contact an applicant and offer available time slots for an in-depth skills review.

When it comes to interviewing software developers and IT specialists, a Technical Interview is a must. Technical Interviews are conducted by senior software developers or specialists that can comprehensively assess the qualification level of an interviewee. The technical experts that are assigned to the interview provide an agenda to the candidate ahead of time, so they know what to expect.

There are three goals for the Technical Interview:

  • Determine a specialist’s technical strengths and areas for improvement
  • Test qualification level and skills
  • Evaluate soft skills to find out if the person is a team player and is a good fit for the team based on the project requirements

Since we don't always know the exact project a candidate will work on, we test general programming knowledge, core knowledge and evaluate work experience, including:

  • Computer/data science knowledge and skills, such as algorithms and data structures or the pros and cons of using a specific solution
  • Knowledge of programming languages and frameworks and experience with using them
  • Problem-solving skills to figure out how a candidate can handle troubleshooting
  • Past work experience to get a better understanding of how a candidate’s background and work experience relate to the position

We also ask candidates to write code and solve a programming task. When we review the code, we assess its testability, maintainability, and complexity.

It usually takes two business days to gather and provide a candidate with feedback. If everything goes well, we may proceed to setting up an interview with a Skill Manager which is the hiring decision stage.

Interview with a Skill Manager

In some instances, we conduct an interview with a Skill Manager before a person joins a team. A Skill Manager is a dedicated specialist with a solid technical background in the applicant’s field. Their key responsibility is to find the best match for the candidate and support their professional growth later in their careers.

During the interview with a Skill Manager, we:

  • Identify the technology stack, domain, and frameworks a specialist would like to work with in a project
  • Determine the preferable role and financial expectations
  • Understand the motivation behind the application, such as career goals, motivations, and values
  • Evaluate soft skills and determine if a candidate is a team player and will work toward a common goal

Skill Managers may ask questions about an applicant’s expectations from a job and how a company can fulfill them.

We may also schedule an interview with project stakeholders and/or the customer to make sure a candidate has the right knowledge and skills for a particular project, as well as to ensure that the customer feels comfortable with the candidate.

Project Interview

During this interview, the interviewee gets an opportunity to talk with the project stakeholders. The goal of a project interview is to assess whether a candidate is the right fit for the position and the team, as well as evaluate their communication skills. Next, a candidate either proceeds to the interview with the customer or is officially offered a job.

Interview with a Customer

It's quite common at service companies like EPAM for our clients to take a proactive role in the hiring process. A customer interview helps evaluate specialists with narrow specialization in a specific framework or a technology and determine if their experience will fit the project requirements. Moreover, customers check for cultural fit and soft skills.

Common questions at a customer interview include:

  • "What was your last project about?"
  • "Why did you apply for this position?"
  • "What's the biggest professional challenge you're proud of?"
  • "How comfortable are you with a specific technology or a tool?"

As you can see, these are pretty common interview questions that may be asked throughout the previous stages of the interview process, so why are they asked again? Even though our recruiters share the information from the previous interviews with the customer, often clients have follow-up questions or like to hear the candidate’s answers first-hand.

Here's a pro tip from our team: Prepare your “sales” pitch in advance that describes your core skills and qualifications, examples of projects you've worked on, challenges you've successfully overcome, your responsibilities and achievements. Aim for one to three minutes in length, stay cheerful and natural in your dialogue.

If you'd like to learn more about the different parts of a customer interview and how to prepare, check out our recent guide.

Offer Interview

In the last part of the interview process, candidates meet with the Hiring Manager to discuss the details of a job offer. They get a chance to ask about specific terms and conditions, like career promotion opportunities, logistics, and other details.

Stay positive and open to communication. You've passed all of the critical interviewing stages and we're happy to welcome you to the EPAM Anywhere team!

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