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Java Software Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The main goal of a Java Software Engineer is to create various technical solutions that perform the necessary set of functions. Professionals are divided according to the level of competence — junior, middle and senior. Each group fulfills its scope of work and has unique requirements set. But if we are talking about working remotely, companies often prefer more experienced professionals.

Before submitting a response to one of the Java Software Engineer vacancies, familiarize yourself with the specifics of the specialist's work.

Main job description

A software engineer in Java should be well-versed not only in the Java programming language but also be able to work with many frameworks, libraries, and databases. This set of competencies applies equally to senior, middle, and junior specialists. All this will be helpful for a specialist to implement various environments and components in the software. Java software engineers perform work throughout the software product’s lifecycle, even after its release to the market. Sometimes it is necessary to refine existing projects.

Java software engineer jobs responsibilities

The primary tasks that a Java Software Engineer needs to perform are:

  • Creation of various software products
  • Analysis of system requirements
  • Writing clean and scalable code according to the specified requirements
  • Design of architecture
  • Analyzing user requirements
  • Creation of user interfaces
  • Checking software for security
  • Testing products at different stages of their life cycle
  • Evaluation of the functionality of the finished product

Senior Java software engineers must also be able to manage an entire department or several subordinates. Their responsibilities include:

  • Distributing tasks among employees
  • Managing the development process
  • Compiling reports
  • Communicating with customers and project managers

Senior Java software engineer requirements

Although the requirements vary from company to company and are individual for each specialist, there is something similar between them. These are the basic requirements for Java software engineer jobs:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science
  • Ability to work with various frameworks
  • Deep knowledge of Java, its methodologies, and specifications
  • Work experience from 5 years
  • Possession of software management tools
  • The ability to conduct testing at different stages of creating the software
  • OOP knowledge
  • Ability to work with software architecture
  • Proficiency in workflow automation tools

Managers evaluate candidates for other personal skills by type — stress tolerance, problem-solving, attention to detail, etc.

Skills for remote Java software engineer jobs

For remote Java software engineer jobs, you must also manage your time and communicate online within the team properly. Most often, professionals work with other developers and the information technologies department.

In addition, they need to separate remote work duties from their personal life. Otherwise, they won’t be able to maintain a decent level of productivity when applying for a job. If you have all the described requirements and are ready to fulfill the duties, you are guaranteed a job as a Java software engineer.