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Python Automation Testing jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A Python automation testing specialist carries out full life cycle testing and is also responsible for the quality of the testing and the preparation of relevant reports.

Today, there are numerous Python automation testing jobs available. Companies are interested in working with developers who can create effective tests, and make the testing process as productive and accurate as possible to improve the quality of the finished project.

Below, we take a closer look at the Python automation testing specialty and identify the necessary responsibilities and requirements of the position.

Main job description

If you want a Python QA automation job, you should know that your primary responsibility will be to create and conduct testing that will: find functional errors, ensure the usability of the product, and evaluate the security of the system. The development of automated tests means that it is possible to minimize the risk of errors while increasing the speed of implementation. In addition, you can track how the developed application meets the stated requirements.

Python automation testing requires a lot of technical skill, and we list them below for your consideration.

Requirements for Python QA automation jobs

The standard requirements for jobs involving IT automation with Python are:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of automation testing
  2. Knowledge of Git
  3. Specified number of years of experience in a similar position
  4. Proficiency with various frameworks
  5. Understanding of API features
  6. Mastery of Python
  7. Knowledge of DevOps methodology
  8. Skill with various databases
  9. Master's or bachelor's degree in computer technology
  10. Familiarity with the architecture and features of different types of applications
  11. Understanding of CI/CD

The list of requirements for Python automation testing may decrease or increase depending on the skill level of the specialist. For work from home positions, middle or senior-level professionals are most often hired. Companies expect that these more experienced professionals will be better able to handle working online, and that beginners, who need constant mentoring from senior Python automation testing specialists for continuous learning, may be better suited to in-office positions.

Python automation testing jobs responsibilities

Most Python automation jobs have the following responsibilities:

  1. Analyzing project requirements
  2. Creating and implementing test scripts
  3. Analyzing test results
  4. Collecting test requirements
  5. Developing strategies for the implementation of tests
  6. Test planning
  7. Preparing reports and documentation
  8. Integrating automation tools
  9. Implementing retesting as necessary
  10. Evaluating the results and analysis of the data obtained

A Python automation testing specialist must be ready to work in command conditions. They often work alongside analysts, manual testers, and developers, but team composition varies depending on the company.

Soft skills required in Python automation engineer jobs

In addition to the technical skills discussed above, Python automation engineer jobs also require certain personal qualities that are associated with success in these positions:

  1. Receptivity to feedback
  2. Ability to identify errors
  3. Analytical skills
  4. Independent decision-making ability
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Stress tolerance
  7. Compliance with project implementation requirements
  8. Ability to perform tasks independently and as part of a team

In a work-from-home environment, it is also important to have excellent time management skills. Working in an online mode requires a Python automation testing specialist to be able to correctly manage their time and separate their workspace from personal areas to maintain productivity.