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Remote Senior Java Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

IT specialists are divided into junior, middle, and senior according to the level of their experience and expertise. The requirements and responsibilities for senior Java developer remote jobs reflect this hierarchy.

Senior Java is the highest level in both the specialty and the career path. To become a senior, you need to work first as a junior, then as a middle for at least five years.

The senior level involves not only generous compensation and interesting projects,but also a wide range of responsibilities and requirements that we identify below.

General senior Java job description

At the senior Java developer level, a specialist is still engaged in development as such. Additionally, they bear the responsibility for the quality of the created software, its performance, and its compliance with customer requirements. As a result, senior Java positions take care of all organizational work: from drawing up a development plan to distributing tasks among employees and checking the quality of their work. It is also the senior Java that communicates with the client on behalf of the entire team.

Remote senior Java developer jobs - what are the responsibilities?

It can be hard to come up with a generic list of senior Java developer responsibilities that fits every company. The role of this specialist may differ even from one project to another within the same company.

A general summary list of senior Java responsibilities looks something like this:

  1. Developing applications for internal and external use, including different purposes and different scales
  2. Drawing up a work plan for a project
  3. Preparing a list of general requirements for the project
  4. Creating scalable products that improve the functionality of the system
  5. Communicating with customers and company executives
  6. Deploying system functions
  7. Studying the customer's problems and suggesting optimal resolutions
  8. Project reporting
  9. Automating development processes
  10. Monitoring project timing
  11. Selecting preferred and possible integrations
  12. Appropriately assigning tasks to each team member
  13. Conducting verification tests for each stage of work
  14. Supporting the system during and after development.

The tasks of remote senior Java developer jobs are significantly different from those of lower-level specialists. In addition to developing large, complex applications, for example, senior Java specialists train junior colleagues, oversee their work, and supervise them.

Requirements for Senior Java Developers

All companies, when creating remote senior Java developer jobs, may include many of the same requirements for applicants, even though responsibilities may differ depending on individual company needs.

General requirements include:

  1. Fluency in several programming languages
  2. Capability to manage a team of junior professionals
  3. Software debugging skills
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of Java frameworks and libraries
  5. Demonstrated skill in creating web products and user interfaces
  6. Master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer technology
  7. Experience for the specified number of years
  8. Knowledge and ability to appropriately apply innovative technologies
  9. Proficiency with cloud technologies
  10. Ability to confidently and respectfully support your point of view to management and the client
  11. Capacity to demonstrate that the actions and position of the team and the company as a whole were correct under the circumstances
  12. Skilled in finding errors, both your own and those of team members, and fixing them

A senior Java specialist is, first of all, a mentor. The success of the entire team depends to a significant extent on their skills and professionalism.

Senior Java developer soft skills

In senior Java work, soft skills play a more important role than they do for junior specialists. A mentor must optimally determine what tasks to assign to which member of the team for the successful completion of the project. The success of the entire team, project, and sometimes the company, may depend on the senior Java developer’s communication skills, organizational skills, and ability to think outside the box when solving a complex problem. Therefore, in senior Java developer jobs remote positions, soft skills are often highlighted as separate criteria.