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We're looking for a remote Senior Data & Web Analyst with a deep understanding and proficiency in data analytics and a good grasp of data ETL tools to join our team.

SAP MDG jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Corporate data processing and management are integral components of the activities of many modern companies. However, they require the constant intervention of a specialist, which is why new SAP MDG jobs are constantly appearing on the labor market. These are offerings for developers who have the skills to manage core enterprise data with a business model in mind.

They provide ample opportunities for career building, high-income and interesting work. We offer to learn about this profession in more detail and determine the basic requirements and necessary skills.

For which candidates are SAP MDG jobs offered?

The jobs presented on the platform are suitable for every developer who is considering remote work. However, employment is possible if the candidate has specific skills and experience. In SAP MDG consultant jobs, it is required to have a degree in technology, engineering, computer science, or related fields.

In addition, an important aspect for a developer is experience. Almost all online SAP MDG jobs require no less than five years of ABAP development experience. In addition, employers expect candidates to have other skills:

  • Understanding data quality issues and the ability to find solutions to them
  • Flexibility
  • Analytical skills
  • The ability to quickly solve difficult situations
  • Communication and organizational skills

A developer applying for the position also needs to be a team player. This means the ability to cooperate with different departments and specialists.

What tasks do online SAP MDG jobs involve?

Employers offer comfortable remote working conditions. Duties may vary. However, in any case, it is worth considering that the SAP MDG developer is invited to perform the following tasks:

  • Performing a detailed analysis of complex requirements related to business processes
  • Consulting on business processes and implementation of SAP MDG solutions
  • Management of such decisions
  • Control over the design of the SAP MDG solution
  • Studying the technological landscape

Other responsibilities may be specified in jobs for SAP MDG — for example, developing and implementing improved solutions and new interfaces.

What skills, requirements, and knowledge are specified in SAP MDG contract jobs?

For employers posting offers for developers in this specialization, it is important to find a professional. This means that they expect the candidate to have the following skills:

  • Deep knowledge of ABAP and OOP
  • Experience in decision-making and project management (more than one year)
  • Experience in performing system integrations (possibly RFC and IDOC)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to work in a team and independently

In addition, knowledge of other modules will be a great advantage for the developer.

Great SAP MDG jobs at EPAM Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere welcomes those interested in remote SAP MDG contract jobs. Our website contains numerous vacancies with the possibility of remote work and career development. We work to provide the best job opportunities for technical talent. Every developer can count on corporate benefits, comprehensive support, and the opportunity to continuously improve their skills.