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Remote Ruby on Rails Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The speed at which the Ruby (RoR) language allows one to develop has made its specialists in demand among many companies. Some people think this language is similar to Python, but the latter can work with big data, while Ruby cannot. In other aspects, RoR is convenient. A competent developer knows how to use technology to its maximum potential. However, to get a decent job, you need to take creating a resume seriously.

Knowing the list of requirements for Ruby ​​on Rails remote jobs will simplify this process and help you prepare for an interview.

Ruby on Rails work from home jobs: what developers do

The first and most important task is to plan and write the code. Working in a team with other specialists, the developer must ensure that their part of the work is integrated into the overall project. Designers, frontend, and RoR developers must work together towards the goal, complementing each other's work.

RoR development is a rather narrow specialization; therefore, employers communicate the duties of employees and requirements for candidates for remote Ruby on Rails jobs clearly.

Remote Ruby on Rails developer jobs: duties

Since the specialists working with Ruby on Rails perform specific tasks, their duties do not differ much from company to company:

  1. Regulate the data flow between the user and the server.
  2. Create clean code that can be easily scaled.
  3. Create an application from scratch and bring it to the user.
  4. Update the application after launching it to end users.
  5. Test at all stages of work.
  6. Detect and eliminate problems.
  7. Integrate elements that were created by other developers from the team into the product.
  8. Work in the API.

That is, the main tasks of a developer at remote Ruby on Rails jobs are to create and connect automated application development processes with the server and develop and integrate components.

Remote Ruby on Rails jobs: requirements

To get access to RoR remote jobs, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Ability to code at a high level
  2. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer technology
  3. 2+ years of relevant experience
  4. Deep knowledge of all elements of Ruby and its libraries
  5. Use of OOP
  6. Skills in frontend development
  7. Familiarity with databases
  8. Introductory knowledge in the field of interface technologies
  9. Knowledge of CSS and template languages
  10. Knowledge of code management tools and testing
  11. Ability to create a single source from several

Ruby developers: personal qualities

Working as part of a team, a Ruby on Rails developer must fulfill their responsibilities to their team members:

  1. Contribute to the achievement of a common goal.
  2. Draw up a complete coding plan for the entire application development cycle.
  3. Develop safe technologies.
  4. Use the minimum amount of resources at work.
  5. Have a responsible attitude toward the development of server logic.
  6. Accomplish the assigned tasks in the shortest possible time.

The ability of a professional to work as part of a team largely depends on their personal qualities. A goal-oriented, communicative, responsible developer with a desire to grow in their professional field has a good chance of getting access to Ruby on Rails telecommute jobs.