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Front End developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A front end developer is a specialist who is responsible for creating the front end of applications, also referred to as the user interface. Their main task is to create a functional and reliable front end of the application that meets all the stated requirements of the customer. They must adapt the product to different devices so that the application works equally well on each of them.

Responsibilities for remote Front End Developers

When you land a front end developer remote job, you will create a whole stream of elements for your site or app pages, including menu buttons, data entry forms, and more. In addition, the duties of an online developer include:

  1. Communicating with clients to get a complete picture of the requirements for the project
  2. Forming mockups of the future interface
  3. Creating application elements for reuse
  4. Analyzing the target audience
  5. Converting a design into clean code
  6. Implementing the entire front end of the application and its individual parts
  7. Testing at different stages of product creation on the user side
  8. Assessing finished elements for compliance with the stated requirements
  9. Adapting the user interface to different devices
  10. Integrating updates and new features into the finished product
  11. Improving the performance and speed of the application’s front end
  12. Searching for and correcting errors
  13. Optimizing internal site

Front End development remote job requirements

The basic requirements for telecommute front end developer jobs include:

  1. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  2. Deep knowledge of the JavaScript programming language
  3. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  4. Rich practical experience with CSS and HTML5
  5. Superficial knowledge of design
  6. Remote job experience
  7. Knowledge of many methodologies, databases, and JavaScript frameworks
  8. Understanding of the basics of optimization
  9. Knowledge of automation tools
  10. Ability to conduct and adapt testing
  11. Experience with preprocessors and build tools

Online front end specialists are rarely solo players. In most cases, they are part of a team or they interact with colleagues from related development departments. To successfully create a user interface, a front end developer who works from home must constantly keep in touch with QA specialists, designers, the marketing department, and web developers. For effective remote dialogue, they need business communication skills and customized communication channels.

Soft skills for front end developer work-from-home jobs

It is a must for remote front end web developers to keep track of new trends. In addition, it is important to have certain qualities, because companies pay attention to every detail in the candidate's resume for work-from-home positions. For example, stress resistance, attentiveness, the ability to quickly make serious decisions, time management, and multitasking are good skills to have.