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.NET developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Using the Microsoft .NET platform, specialists can create different products using working programming languages and their combination. .NET allows developers to build software with advanced functionality, a user-friendly interface, and modern design.

Below is a template that reflects the employer's requirements for dot Net developer jobs. Based on this information, a specialist can create a qualified resume and apply for highly paid positions.

The job description

The .NET developer job includes creating an application using .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic. Developers break the work into the following stages: planning, code creation, testing, and launch. After that, the product enters the support and continuous improvement phase. It should be remembered that a .NET developer's job is about product development and working in a team, as well as fixing code errors.

.NET developer job responsibilities

Most often, employers list the following responsibilities in their vacancies:

  • Writing .NET code that supports scalability
  • Product development strictly following all customer requirements
  • Creation and testing of software
  • Design of functional and user-friendly software
  • Development of an interface that is intuitive to the user
  • Building architecture
  • Fully participating in the work of the team, and providing the necessary assistance at all project stages
  • Elaboration of the finished product, increasing its functionality, eliminating errors in the work
  • Support for existing applications
  • Search and elimination of code defects
  • Improving code by formatting or writing new code
  • Dealing with project documents

The company may also have other expectations from developers, such as particular soft skills. Companies want the developer to strive for career growth, which means they will study and improve their professional level. Also, employers highly appreciate the ability to work in a team, which allows you to create a cohesive team.

NET programmer job requirements

Companies name these standard requirements for the NET programmer job:

  • Advanced knowledge of one or several programming languages ​​related to .NET, such as Visual Basic and C#, as well as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Work experience as a C# .NET developer for at least two years
  • Design pattern and architecture skills
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in specialized computer or engineering fields
  • Knowledge of architectural styles
  • Knowledge of terminology and coding rules
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET and MS SQL Server
  • Knowledge of REST API and RPC

It is not mandatory but desirable to have an MCPD or MCSD certificate to increase your chances of landing a job.

Roles of a .NET developer

.NET developers can take up the project roles in the following fields:

  • Product development
  • Team leadership
  • Solution architecture
  • Technical support and control of product performance

.NET developer skills

A candidate with advanced skills has a chance to bypass other applicants when applying for a .NET position:

  • Scrupulousness in work
  • Teamwork skills;
  • The ability to respond immediately to non-standard situations
  • Analytical skills
  • Self-organization, leadership, and time management skills.

Many companies also include the ability to communicate the product's benefits to the user in the .NET developer job description.