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Front-end Software Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Front-end software engineer is a specialist who creates an ideal way for a user to interact with a website, program, or application. They develop the user interface's complete life cycle, optimize already finished projects, and evaluate the product's compatibility with various browsers and devices.

Main job description

The main task of a software engineer in the front-end is to make the user experience as comfortable as possible. They are the link between the user and the back-end specialist, demonstrating all the features and capabilities of the product. Thanks to the work of a qualified specialist, it is possible to increase the involvement and loyalty of customers. In addition, the front-end software engineer is engaged in testing and eliminating errors found in the process.

Front-end software engineer jobs responsibilities

The front-end software engineer has the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and designing the user interface
  • Implementing the design
  • Creating mockups of the future interface
  • Increasing the speed of the website or application
  • Adaptation of the product for different browsers
  • Solving problems related to compatibility with various devices
  • Checking the quality of the written code
  • Testing at different levels
  • Search for errors and their correction
  • Creating user-friendly functions
  • Improving the performance of the user interface
  • The right combination of design and product functionality

The front-end software engineer will need to work with designers and developers, which requires them to constantly interact with each team member to achieve the project's overall goals.

Requirements for software engineer front-end jobs

For software engineer front-end jobs, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A master's or bachelor's degree in computer science
  • Excellent knowledge of front-end programming languages
  • The ability to find and correct errors
  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML
  • API and SEO skills
  • Minimal understanding of server-side CSS
  • Ability to work with automation and testing tools

Even this list of skills will be too long for a junior level. Intermediate professionals may face additional requirements depending on the company and its objectives. A senior front-end software engineer must also have excellent leadership skills to manage a whole team. The main duties of a high-profile front-end developer software engineer will be directed at organizing the process of practical work and communication with managers and the customer.

Personal qualities of front-end software engineers

To get front-end software engineer jobs, it’s important to pay attention to general qualities and skills, such as the ability to solve problems quickly and get involved in the work process, meeting all the stated deadlines for the project, comprehensive immersion in the project to understand what exactly the client wants, etc. Although junior to senior engineers will have different sets of responsibilities and requirements depending on the company, the above requirements are common or every job.