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Javascript Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

JS programmer is a specialist who develops various products for the frontend of websites and applications. They start leading such projects from the moment of negotiating the details of the terms of reference with customers. JavaScript developers can take part in proposing a project implementation plan and a strategy, write code, add functionality, and then present it to the manager. After agreeing on all the details, the finished project is put on the market. The JavaScript coding jobs specialist typically continues to innovate and maintain it after release.

The job description

When selecting candidates for JavaScript developer jobs, the hiring manager evaluates their previous experience. It is essential that they can work in a team and communicate effectively with all colleagues to achieve an excellent result. Those who have already worked online will find it much easier, and JavaScript developers who have just started remote collaboration will need the help of colleagues and mentors.

JavaScript jobs responsibilities

All companies have their scope of duties for JavaScript developer jobs. Most often, these include:

  • Development of a convenient user interface
  • Writing scalable and clean code
  • Creation of technological components
  • Search and correction of errors
  • Preparation of project documentation
  • Presentation of finished products
  • Automation of work processes
  • Optimization and updating of products

Working from home will be a challenging test for JavaScript developers who are just starting their journey. In addition, not all companies are ready to offer newcomers this work format. Also, most often, they give preference to middle- and senior-level specialists.

JavaScript developer jobs requirements

If you are looking to get ‘JavaScript jobs near me’, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Experience of working in a similar position for 2+ years
  • Ability to work with UX/UI and understand their main trends
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology
  • Deep knowledge of JS, its libraries, frameworks, and related products
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all development participants, management, and customers
  • Working with the most modern methodologies
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail

To be hired as a JavaScript developer, a specialist also requires a constant desire to improve their knowledge and learn new technologies and ways to automate development processes in order to simplify and speed them up.

Benefits of working online for JavaScript developers

You no longer need to work in a stuffy office to build a career in JavaScript development. Working from home is an excellent opportunity for a developer to live in the usual rhythm of life, learn new and exciting aspects of their profession or related specialties, and grow into a seasoned expert. JavaScript developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere offer an opportunity to save time on commuting while learning new information and conquering new heights daily.