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Salesforce Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Salesforce developers are a unique group of programmers who work with the applications of the same name. Their range of responsibilities includes participation in all aspects of development from the moment planning begins to the support of products after they are put into operation. Specialists must be able to adjust applications to changing company needs and CRM requirements.

To do this, they must constantly keep their skills current. Below, we identify key features of Salesforce developer work. The template we offer can be used to prepare a CV to find a job and to prepare a vacancy description to find new employees.

Main job description

Salesforce is a CRM platform designed to manage customer relationships, from the initial contact to conversion and account analytics. It is an important tool for companies that allows them to automate many of their customer relations processes. A Salesforce developer helps companies achieve their business goals by integrating scalable applications into their systems.

Before submitting your resume for a Salesforce developer vacancy, you should review the responsibilities and requirements identified below.

Salesforce developer jobs responsibilities

Development always starts with communication with the client/management regarding project requirements, market analysis, target audience, and business process requirements. In addition, Salesforce developer jobs require specialists who can perform the following responsibilities:

  1. Creating the main structure of the project
  2. Writing scalable code
  3. Implementing optimal functions
  4. Evaluating the product for bugs throughout its implementation
  5. Verifying the project for compliance with the stated requirements
  6. Implementing testing and product tuning tools
  7. Preparing reports and documentation
  8. Implementing automation tools
  9. Connecting security tools
  10. Executing updates in the finished product
  11. Post-market support

Senior specialists, even when working from home, must be ready to perform managerial duties. This task may be complicated by an online work environment, but an experienced professional is expected to quickly adapt. Senior Salesforce developers generally have several employees under their control, and must be able to distribute tasks between them. They play an important role in the life of the entire project because responsibility for its implementation rests entirely on their shoulders.

Requirements for Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer jobs

Salesforce commerce cloud developer jobs require:

  1. Experience in a similar position for a specified number of years
  2. A master's or bachelor's degree in computer science
  3. Extensive practical interaction with Salesforce CRM
  4. Ability to identify and correct their own and others' mistakes
  5. Knowledge of several programming languages
  6. Ability to successfully work from home
  7. Comprehensive knowledge of the specifications and features of Salesforce CRM
  8. Proficiency with the user interface
  9. Mastery of scripting languages
  10. Knowledge of databases and related frameworks
  11. Skill with testing and automation tools

The list of requirements in Salesforce developer job openings will vary depending on the goals of the companies and the level of the specialist. For beginners, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Salesforce are not required. Knowledge of the basics and a willingness to continue learning on the job will be sufficient.

Salesforce developer soft skills

Building a dynamic and functional app in a Salesforce developer position requires non-technical skills in addition to the technical skills identified above. For working from home, it is especially important to have excellent communication skills, because you will have to maintain your working relationships entirely online. Other skills that will help you succeed on the job are: stress resistance, attention to detail, efficient time management, and the ability to draw the line between work and leisure.