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We encourage our people to perform their best, and we’re committed to doing the same by providing EPAM Anywhere members with the best career opportunities.

Numerous opportunities to diverse your expertise

Enlarge your expertise by working with cutting-edge technologies and the world’s top brands. Help our customers across a wealth of industries achieve digital transformation and hit your next professional level in the process.


Projects to choose

Choose the project you’d like to join and enjoy the opportunity to change them from time to time — we’re collaborating with thousands of clients from technology leaders to emerging startups.

A man sits in from of the laptop holding a phone and a card in his hands
METRO logo
Simplifying Digital Asset Delivery for Metro

Facing challenges from an inefficient, point-to-point DAM system, EPAM collaborated with Metro to create a solution that provided more flexibility and efficiency for content managers across 26 countries.

  • 70K+ assets stored
  • 10+ units with centralized content
  • APRIMO/ADAM-based
NewEra logo
Creating New Era’s Self-Service B2B Site to Enable a Transformative B2B2C Experience

EPAM helped New Era develop an enhanced customer portal with the same intuitive look and feel as the B2C sites.

  • 3D cap builder customizer
  • 30+ external systems integrated
  • SAP-based
HILTI logo
Reducing Platform Costs in Half & Enhancing CX for Hilti

In collaboration with EPAM, Hilti successfully rolled out a unified global, multi-channel campaign management platform using Adobe Campaign and AEM.

  • 30% increase in time-to-market
  • 55% growth in team productivity
  • 50% decrease in platform costs
What our people say
“Initially, I applied for a non-remote position, but I received an offer from EPAM Anywhere and accepted it. Having worked with Anywhere for more than a year, I’d like to highlight the advantages that made my experience comfortable and left me without any regrets about the choice I made: opportunities for self-organization, no need to waste time on the road to work and back, enhanced work-life balance and the chance to keep health in check, ability to adjust your workplace to your personal needs (for example, working from a sofa 😊), improved personal budget (I practically stopped using a car), and going green.”
What our people say
“I value remote work for the opportunity to maintain a work-life balance. EPAM Anywhere turned out to be a perfect match for me due to the remote possibilities and its substantial organizational background, so I accepted an offer without hesitation. EPAM is a company that has accumulated one of the most enormous, well-structured knowledge bases I have ever come across. I also chose Anywhere for: stability, the transparency of expectations for both sides, its respect for each person who invests their time and energy in the company, and for the training opportunities that EPAM offers, which are qualitatively different from many other companies.”
What our people say
“I picked EPAM Anywhere for the opportunity to work without borders, select projects around the world, and not be tied to a single location. During 5+ months of work at EPAM Anywhere, I completely rethought my preferences for working in an office in favor of a remote format. I’ve been enjoying all the advantages of the program and the convenience of its internal services.”
What our people say
“I’ve been working in EPAM Anywhere for more than a year, having switched from EPAM Prague. The reasons I joined Anywhere were my desire to be able to travel, to work remotely, and to keep growing professionally. It was great to have such an opportunity without having to leave the company and start all over.”
What our people say
“My career choice was between freelance work and Anywhere, and I chose the latter. It had been my goal to join EPAM for a long time, but I didn’t want to leave my hometown of Khmelnitsky. Anywhere has many advantages in comparison with freelancing, including: stability, vast choice of projects, the possibility of continued growth and development, and the ability to boost one’s expertise.”

Industries with complex tech challenges

Deepen your experience and increase your market value by solving real technology challenges in the complex projects across all types of industries.

  • financial-service.svg
    Financial Services
  • software-hitech.svg
    Software & Hi-Tech
  • business-information.svg
    Business Information Services
  • Retail-distribution.svg
    Retail & Distribution
  • energy-utilities.svg
    Energy & Utilities
  • automotive.svg
  • media-entartainment.svg
    Media, Entertainment & Telecom
  • travel-hospitality.svg
    Travel & Hospitality
  • Life-sciences.svg
    Life Sciences
  • healthcare.svg
  • insurance.svg

Jumpstart your career with EPAM Anywhere

Browse through our open positions, apply for those that suit you best, and join the team of top experts in innovative long-term projects while enjoying corporate benefits.

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Tools to support continuous career journey

We take great care in providing you with a valuable set of tools to help you explore significant and rewarding career opportunities that will perfectly match your personal and professional lifestyle.

Personal skill advisor

Indicate the technology stack and frameworks you would like to work with, share what drives you, and describe what career goals you pursue, and a personal skill advisor will help you join the most relevant project and support your further growth.

Custom app for job search across EPAM

Get a clear view of existing career opportunities and navigate through job requirements for your target position using EPAM’s specialized application that is designed for EPAMers to search and apply for open jobs.

Smart matching to projects

Our advanced machine learning mechanism helps us match talents based on their skills, past project experience, and references to the best fit positions.

Advanced staffing to ensure stable workload

Enjoy stable workload with the downtime reduced to zero — here you will enter the new project seamlessly as we start looking for the next assignment long before your current project ends. In addition, you can change the projects from time to time - just raise your hand and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements for your rotation.

Dialogue between a software engineer and his personal skill advisor about career advancement in a new projectDialogue between a software engineer and his personal skill advisor about career advancement in a new project

Explore benefits for your country

Professionals from EPAM Anywhere's eligible locations get a wide set of personal and professional benefits that support their comfortable work at EPAM. Our benefits program is country-specific - that's why the suite of available perks may vary from country to country. Share your email address and we’ll send you the exact list of benefits available in your location.

Comfortable work environment

Focus on what you’re good at while we handle all the client management, operation, and human resource tasks.
Jan Mazurek, EPAM Business Analyst

In over 10 years of my professional career in IT, I have never worked for a company that has been such a pleasure and privilege.

Jan Mazurek, Lead Business Analyst

People partner to support your enjoyable life at EPAM

A dedicated People partner will provide you with necessary consulting, help you solve any organizational or work-related issues, and support communication between you and your managers.

Only necessary work

Here you won’t need to search for clients, promote your personal profile, or manage any excessive communication – we cover all the activities that are not directly connected with your professional tasks.

Productivity support

You’ll get access to an insights-based productivity coach that integrates Jira, Github, EPAM Connect Desktop (optional) and other tools, and helps EPAMers understand where the time goes, what influences their efficiency and growth, and what leads to stress and burnout.

Transparent promotion paths

Whether you want to develop in your current domain, or would like to grow into management and consulting expert, we’re offering you a transparent career path and a personalized roadmap to accelerate your career journey. It usually takes from 1 to 1,5 years to hit the next level.

Predictable income

We back all the payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Here, you can plan your budget well in advance as we guarantee regular and stable compensation.

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Specialist track (A)

Advance your career in the chosen technology stack


Junior specialist

Has novice-level theoretical knowledge, can use common practices and algorithms, has some experience in the technology stack.


Has intermediate theoretical knowledge, 1+ year of domain experience, can select common practices and algorithms.

Senior specialist

Has advanced theoretical knowledge with 3+ years of experience in the stack. Has multiple technical areas of expertise, can play a mentor role for less experienced colleagues.

Lead specialist

Has at least one expert skill related to primary technology stack, 5+ years of experience in software development, and can help less mature colleagues advance their careers.

Chief specialist

Has several expert skills related to primary technology, 7+ years of relevant experience, can serve as a recognized mentor for senior+ colleagues.

Expert track (B)

Broaden your expertise by becoming a management and consulting expert


Project management

Has 2+ years of experience in project coordination and management functions on key roles within one or several projects.

Delivery management

Has 5+ years of experience in IT, 2+ years of experience in Lead Developer/ Team Lead roles. Has proven software engineering experience with an ability to deliver sustainable solutions.

People management

Has 5+ years of leadership experience in the relevant area, with HR/People Leadership experience highly preferred. Strong experience of cross-organizational teamwork.

Solution architecture

Shows expert technology and business domain-specific knowledge (specified by particular Solution Practices), has 8+ years of hands-on experience in software development.

Advanced engineering

Has 7+ years of experience with multiple technologies, takes responsibility for the technical implementation of business objectives, establishes partnerships with technical leadership at EPAM and on a client side.

Make the most of your work

We’re offering many benefits across the globe. Browse through our open positions, apply for the one that fits you best and make the most of your work with the benefits of an enterprise-level company.