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React Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

React is the main JavaScript library. Since it’s open source, it allows you to create high-tech user interfaces. The popularity of React brought the simplification of frontend development and optimization of user interface development.

However, knowing the JavaScript language to get React developer jobs is not enough. You need to have other skills. It would be best if you could prepare a resume that will consider the job requirements, the expectations of the company, and the role of the specialist in order to get noticed. Below is the template of a standard job description for you to consider.

The basic description of React developer jobs

What is the main thing in React jobs? The primary responsibilities of frontend developers are to create an interface that will be convenient for users when working with applications. Therefore, job descriptions always require the ability to write JavaScript code and use open source libraries.

Responsibilities of a React developer

When compiling your resume for React positions, be sure to keep in mind that companies expect their employees to perform the following duties:

  • Using React tools to create user interfaces
  • Ability to write code in JavaScript
  • Ability to efficiently convert a design into code
  • Ability to use Git, CSS, Adobe XD libraries, etc.
  • Development of the product interface, taking into account the wishes of the customer
  • Modification of applications if necessary
  • Developing software updates
  • Checking and detecting defects in code and their correction

The ability to analyze the goals of the product and the compliance of interface parts with them will become a substantial advantage of the applicant over competitors.

React jobs requirements

The requirements of companies for frontend developers, in most cases, are identical and include:

  • Fundamental knowledge of JavaScript and React JS
  • Ability to write code
  • Basic understanding of Virtual DOM, JSX, etc.
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  • Ability to develop attractive and user-friendly interfaces
  • Project management skills
  • Working knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Working knowledge of Enzyme, Webpack, and Flux, as well as the ability to test performance using at least one framework
  • Ability to quickly detect and fix errors in code

What a React JS developer does

Very often, the section about the role and responsibilities of a React.JS front-end developer in a job description consists of many points. The most basic ones are:

  • Drawing up a phased plan for working on the product
  • Preparation of terms of reference for team members working on the project
  • Studying the requirements that the client sets for the interface
  • Introducing automated processes
  • Development of a product that will be easy to use and attractive in design
  • Implementing modifications and improving performance
  • Quick response to detected errors and their correction
  • Development of a long-term plan to improve the product

Those in React jobs are also responsible for tracking and committing all changes, which allows streamlining the work and development of the product.

What other skills does a React developer need?

In addition to professional skills, the applicant must have solid soft skills for successful work, such as:

  • Be a team player
  • Strive to develop, improve skills, and master new tools and technologies
  • Be organized
  • Bes stress-resistant

React jobs near me can be obtained without all the listed skills or meeting every requirement. Be honest when writing your resume. Starting with a junior level, you can eventually reach great heights.