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Brassie attempting to hit the sphere with the word stress written on it

How to Deal With Stress at Work: 5 Powerful Techniques

Negative stress can trigger quite serious mental and even physical health issues. Learn the tips on dealing with stress at work to mitigate its possible negative effects.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min

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Feeling Stuck at Work? Do This First

Feel stuck in your career? Read this post to identify the reasons and learn the ways to break free.

Career & Education / 4 min

Bored man sits in front of his laptop

What to Do When Bored at Work: Top Productive Tips

Here we consider five productive things to do when bored at work. They'll totally shake you out of your procrastination rut and put you in a better mood.

Remote work & Productivity / 3 min

Feeling bored at work

Bored at work? Here's Why You Should Get Out of Your Routine

Even the most exciting projects and tasks don't save you from feeling bored at work? Read this post to learn the reasons for your boredom and explore ways to prevent it.

Career & Education / 4 min

Burning candle

Non-obvious Stages of Burnout You Might Be Ignoring

Burnout isn’t new to the 21st century. However, more and more people are looking for ways to identify, prevent, or treat this condition. Check this post to learn the stages of burnout that you can quite easily overlook.

Remote work & Productivity / 5 min

Burning matches

How to Spot Burnout Symptoms: 5 Things You Should Keep an Eye On

In this post, we're taking a look at the signs of exhaustion and burnout at work to help you spot the problem before it becomes too late.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min

A woman is practising mediation to get rid of the stress

Are You Stressed? Causes of Stress in the Workplace That You Should Know

Everybody knows that stress at work is not something really good. But can you really know when you're stressed, or do you know what kind of stress you're experiencing and why? Keep reading to find the answers.

Remote work & Productivity / 5 min


How to Stop Thinking Only About Work And Be Where You Are

While being deeply engaged in work is the norm in the tech industry, it's important to avoid falling into the traps of workaholism. Read this post to find out how to stop thinking only about work, address workaholism, and live a more balanced life.

4 min

Pills labeled work

Why Work Addiction is ALL Wrong: Workaholic Meaning

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a workaholic? Check this guide to learn the meaning of the term "workaholism", associated dangers, and ways to recover from addiction to work.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min

A woman works by her laptop

Why Do People Become Workaholics?

Why do people become workaholics? As per psychologists, there are 3 distinctive reasons why people become addicted to their jobs. Let's find them out.

Remote work & Productivity / 3 min

Message reading I love my job

How to Become a Workaholic: Our Surefire Recipe for Success

While workaholism has become a trend of the 21st century and people tend to romanticize it, we've decided to share our quick guide that you can use to become a true workaholic (or better start respecting your life outside of work ;).

Remote work & Productivity / 3 min

Angry cat

Workaholic Symptoms: How to Know When You've Crossed the Line

Failing to maintain a work-life balance isn’t a rare occurrence in the 21st century. With this post, you'll be able to identify workaholism symptoms at their early stages and learn the ways to avoid them.

Remote work & Productivity / 3 min

A red boxing glove reading classic freelance and a blue boxing glove reading Anywhere Freelance

Freelance vs. Remote Work at EPAM Anywhere: Personal Experience

Here, our Lead Software Engineer describes how he turned from a WFH skeptic into a successful EPAM Anywhere pro, talks about essential skills, and explains how work with EPAM Anywhere is different from the classic freelance.

Career & Education / 4 min

A laptop with JS performance tracking tool opened on the screen

Measuring performance in JavaScript: Tips & Tricks from EPAM Anywhere Experts

In this post, EPAM Anywhere's Senior Software Engineer shares his tips on measuring front-end app performance using JavaScript and browser tools.

Technology / 6 min