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A laptop with JS performance tracking tool opened on the screen

Measuring performance in JavaScript: Tips & Tricks from EPAM Anywhere Experts

In this post, EPAM Anywhere's Senior Software Engineer shares his tips on measuring front-end app performance using JavaScript and browser tools.

Technology / 6 min

a software engineer holds a cup in her hands that says like a boss

Advanced Software Engineer: Explore a New Career Path for Top Technologists

A new career track was announced at EPAM: Advanced Software Engineering. What do Advanced Software Engineers do? Why are they so important? How to grow into such a specialist? Find the answers in this guide.

Career & Education / 6 min

Android official character on the yellow background

Best Android IDEs: 5 Options from Senior Developer You Should Pay Attention To

Here, EPAM Anywhere's Senior Software Developer shares his list of top Android IDEs providing technical insights into their functionality, advantages and drawbacks. Not sure which IDE to choose? Then read on!

Technology / 4 min

Vadim Kulaga, EPAM Anywhere's Delivery Manager

SDLC Models: Approach Development the Way that Works for You

Here, you’ll learn about the key software development life cycle models, their pros, cons, and use cases. In addition, our Software Engineering Manager will describe the way we approach projects at EPAM Anywhere and share the results this approach br...

Technology / 7 min

Maksim Krupenin, Solution Architect

Near Real-Time Processing and Analytics with Snowflake

In this blog post, Maksim Krupenin, Solution Architect, EPAM Belarus, reviews Snowflake’s real-life usage at EPAM. If you've been looking for a non-biased review, here it is.

Technology / 6 min

Isometric picture with a man standing on the sector of a pie chart

Extra Skills that Will Help Every Business Analyst Be More Competitive in the Market

We wrote this detailed post on Business Analyst skill set, including some extra competencies, and Business Analyst (BA) key responsibilities. Let's see what it takes to become a topnotch Business Analyst, the EPAM way.

Technology / 6 min

Clouds with different software engineering specialisations popping up on the black background

What to Expect at Technical Interview at EPAM Anywhere: Full Guide for Software Engineers

Here we share a step-by-step guide on the Technical Interview for Software Engineers. It will help you to prepare for the interview well and pass it successfully and without stress.

Career & Education / 4 min

Julia,  Software Testing Engineer, and Igor,  Lead Software Testing Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

People of EPAM Anywhere: Experience of Three QA Engineers Uncensored

In this post, three Software Testing Engineers share their experience with EPAM Anywhere - from applying for a job and joining the project teams to facing their first challenges and building career development roadmaps.

Career & Education / 3 min

A smiling woman talks to a smiling man during a video interview

5 Tips for a Successful Customer Interview at EPAM Anywhere

In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide and key tips that will help you prepare well for a customer interview and pass it successfully.

Career & Education / 6 min

A microphone on the orange background

EPAM Anywhere’s Interview Process: What to Expect

Going through job interviews can be quite a challenging and time-consuming task. At EPAM Anywhere, we've tried to make it really hassle-free and transparent. How? Find out in this post!

Career & Education / 5 min

A smiling woman sits in front of her laptop with a dog on her knees and working from home

Top 8 Tips for Enhanced Productivity while Working Remotely

We spoke to some of our EPAMers and asked them to share their experience and recommend how to stay productive while working remotely.

Remote work & Productivity / 6 min

A basketball player sits on bench during the game

How to Avoid Time on Bench at EPAM Anywhere

Bench. This is something every developer is trying to escape from in their professional lives. EPAM Anywhere isn't an exception. Bench happens. The good news is that you can avoid being left behind by following a few simple tips from our blog post.

Career & Education / 3 min

Laptop with the lines of code on the screen, smartphone, lamp and speaker on the table

WFH Life Hacks: Top 7 Tips on Creating the Best Home Office Ever

In this article, we share advice and life hacks on WFH that will make your home office comfortable and functional – and your work more productive and efficient.

Remote work & Productivity / 7 min

A man is yelling speaking on the phone

Why Software Developers Need Soft Skills and How to Improve Them?

In this article, we’ll define what soft skills are and talk about how they go beyond just being sociable. We’ll also look at which soft skills software developers really need and how to improve them.

Career & Education / 4 min