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Career Growth for Software Engineers: Becoming a Leader

Do you want to grow your career in tech? This is how to approach it, complete with a career track overview and vetted tips on the steps to take.

Career & Education / 4 min


How to Deal with Burnout and Win Your Life Back

In this guide, we’ve collected our shared experiences of dealing with burnout in one place for you.

Remote work & Productivity / 8 min


Existential Dread: How to Cope with It and Get Better

Is it okay to feel existential dread? Find out and learn some coping mechanisms to alleviate it.

Career & Education / 5 min


The Best Cloud Certifications You Need in 2022

See our picks of the best AWS, Azure and GCP cloud certifications in 2022 that will help you secure a more rewarding career.

Technology / 6 min


What Is Innovative Thinking and How Can You Develop It?

Want to develop innovative thinking but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 ways to spark your creativity.

Remote work & Productivity / 6 min


New Job Anxiety: 5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling anxious at your new workplace? Read these 5 tips to cope with new job anxiety and boost your confidence.

Career & Education / 4 min


5 Product Development Tools to Use in Your JavaScript Project

EPAM Anywhere’s Senior Software Engineer Oleksii Sydorenko picks his top five tools for product development that can make your engineering job easier.

Technology / 6 min


Causes of Stress in the Workplace That You Should Know

Everybody knows that stress at work is not something really good. But can you really know when you're stressed, or do you know what kind of stress you're experiencing and why? Keep reading to find the answers.

Remote work & Productivity / 5 min


17 Causes of Burnout You've Never Considered

Have you ever felt like being burnt out? Do you know what exactly leads to such kind of state? This post will help you to identify job burnout causes in advance so that you never fall into its traps.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min


How to Stop Being a Workaholic

While being deeply engaged in work is the norm in the tech industry, it's important to avoid falling into the traps of workaholism. Read this post to find out how to stop thinking only about work, address workaholism, and live a more balanced life.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min


5 Myths About Solution Architects Dispelled

Our understanding of our dream job may have little to do with reality. If solution architecture is something you really love, check the most widespread myths about SA busted.

Technology / 4 min


QA Interview Questions: a Practical Guide from EPAM Anywhere

With this blog post, we continue our series of go-to guides that help specialists in software development, quality assurance, and business analysis pass their interviews at EPAM Anywhere.

Career & Education / 4 min


18 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Leave, and What to Do About It

Feel your job is in danger? Read on to find out about the typical signs your boss wants you to leave and how to handle this unfortunate situation.

Remote work & Productivity / 6 min


JavaScript Enumerator, or Enums in Plain JS

Want to know how to create an enumerator in JavaScript? In this brief tutorial, we break down Enums in plain JS.

Technology / 3 min