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Remote work & Productivity
Career & Education
A scheme showing Service Architect responsibilities

From a Business Analyst to a Service Architect in Neural Networks Project: the EPAM Anywhere Way

If you've been wondering how to step off the beaten path and expand your expertise beyond business analysis ‒ keep on reading.

Technology / 6 min

A microphone on the orange background

EPAM Anywhere’s Interview Process: What to Expect

Going through job interviews can be quite a challenging and time-consuming task. At EPAM Anywhere, we've tried to make it really hassle-free and transparent. How? Find out in this post!

Career & Education / 5 min

Technical interview for Software Testing Engineers

QA Interview Questions: a Practical Guide from EPAM Anywhere

With this blog post, we continue our series of go-to guides that help specialists in software development, quality assurance, and business analysis pass their interviews at EPAM Anywhere.

Career & Education / 4 min

Aleksander, EPAM Anywhere Senior Software Developer

Tweaking JavaScript performance: tips and tricks from EPAM Anywhere

Learn tips and tricks, backed by years of experience, about where you may want to start improving javascript performance in your front-end application.

Technology / 5 min

JavaScript logo.jpg

JavaScript Interview Questions at EPAM Anywhere: Everything You Need to Know

Here, Roman, a Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere, is sharing typical JavaScript interview tasks and the questions that technical experts ask JS Developers in technical interviews.

Career & Education / 4 min

Yellow list of paper with bullet points that indicate the cornerstones of writing an effective CV

Example of a Good CV: Here’s How to Optimize Your CV for EPAM Anywhere

In this article, we'll share how to prepare an effective CV for EPAM Anywhere. Read, follow our guidelines and increase your chances of success. CV template attached!

Career & Education / 5 min

A smiling woman talks to a smiling man during a video interview

5 Tips for a Successful Customer Interview at EPAM Anywhere

In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide and key tips that will help you prepare well for a customer interview and pass it successfully.

Career & Education / 6 min

A red boxing glove reading classic freelance and a blue boxing glove reading Anywhere Freelance

Freelance vs. Remote Work at EPAM Anywhere: Personal Experience

Here, our Lead Software Engineer describes how he turned from a WFH skeptic into a successful EPAM Anywhere pro, talks about essential skills, and explains how work with EPAM Anywhere is different from the classic freelance.

Career & Education / 4 min

Laptop with the lines of code on the screen, smartphone, lamp and speaker on the table

WFH Life Hacks: Top 7 Tips on Creating the Best Home Office Ever

In this article, we share advice and life hacks on WFH that will make your home office comfortable and functional – and your work more productive and efficient.

Remote work & Productivity / 7 min

Speech bubble with three dots

Best Practices for Effective Remote Team Communication

Working with remote teams brings challenges like keeping up with productivity levels, communication, and engagement. In our new post, we share tips for effective and engaging communication in remote teams.

Remote work & Productivity / 5 min

Superman flies skyward with the dark blue background

Everything You Wanted to Know About Building a Career Development Plan

A career development plan is a smart way to climb the career ladder avoiding unnecessary stress and roadblocks. In this post, we’re sharing key tips for working with it effectively.

Career & Education / 7 min

A smiling woman sits in front of her laptop with a dog on her knees and working from home

Top 8 Tips for Enhanced Productivity while Working Remotely

We spoke to some of our EPAMers and asked them to share their experience and recommend how to stay productive while working remotely.

Remote work & Productivity / 6 min

Logo of Java online conference java Z-Day

Top 5 Useful Videos for JAVA Developers

Here are the top useful videos for JAVA engineers from Java Z-Days - online conference that united 2,000 Java developers from all over the world on April 23, 2020.

Technology / 4 min

A basketball player sits on bench during the game

How to Avoid Time on Bench at EPAM Anywhere

Bench. This is something every developer is trying to escape from in their professional lives. EPAM Anywhere isn't an exception. Bench happens. The good news is that you can avoid being left behind by following a few simple tips from our blog post.

Career & Education / 3 min