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JavaScript: Functional Programming vs OOP

In this post, a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere sorts out a 'functional programming vs object-oriented programming' narrative that flourishes in the software development community.

Technology / 6 min

Javascript courses

Best JavaScript Courses to Learn Coding Online

In this blog post, we share a list of online JavaScript courses available across the globe that provide JavaScript coding best practices, tips, and tricks.

Career & Education / 5 min


Shortlist of the Best JavaScript Books for Every Skill Level

In this post, our colleague, a Chief Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere, shares his shortlist of the best books on JavaScript for beginner and experienced developers.

Career & Education / 4 min

Elderly man and woman use smartphones

Shift-Left Strategy in Accessible Product Development

In this post, our accessibility experts share tips and tricks for creating an effective development process and accessible product with a shift-left strategy in mind.

Technology / 5 min


What are Third-party Cookies? Why Privacy on the Web is an Illusion

In this post, Konstantin, Chief Software Engineer II, and Vladimir, Senior Data Scientist, discuss today's privacy on the web, future cookie deprecation, mechanisms behind user tracking, and fingerprinting.

Technology / 6 min


6 Common Mistakes in JavaScript a Mid - Senior Developer Should Know and Be Able to Tackle

In this post, Bryan, a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere, describes common JavaScript mistakes that Middle and Senior Software Developers should be aware of and know how to handle.

Technology / 7 min

A superhero logo supermom

Supermom in Tech: How to Combine Three Kids and a Fantastic Career Without Losing Yourself

How can moms in tech successfully balance their thriving careers and motherhood? We have such an example! Meet Lena, QA Lead at EPAM Anywhere, who shares her experience of being a loving mom of three and Key QA in the project.

Remote work & Productivity / 6 min

An illustration of a person shouting "help me"

17 Causes of Burnout You've Never Considered

Have you ever felt like being burnt out? Do you know what exactly leads to such kind of state? This post will help you to identify job burnout causes in advance so that you never fall into its traps.

Remote work & Productivity / 4 min

Mobius loop

Kubernetes: the Good, the Bad, the Truly Awful

In this post, we're taking a deeper look at the benefits and drawbacks you're likely to experience when rolling out your project with Kubernetes.

Technology / 5 min

Image of passport, plane and a visa stamp

Job Relocation Made Easy: Moving from Colombia to Spain in Just One Month

In this post, Diego, a Lead .NET Developer shares his experience of job relocation - from landing EPAM Anywhere and relocation paperwork to saying goodbyes to relatives and friends.

Career & Education / 4 min

Smartphones on a blue background

Top 8 Mobile Testing Tools for Software Test Engineers

There are countless applications to aid your testing process. Out of the many mobile testing tools, we have picked the best ones. Read on to find the most suitable option for your project.

Technology / 5 min

A man stands at the top of a hill of a yellow flag in his hands

EPAM Anywhere Systems Engineer: Here's How I Got Multiple Cloud Certificates in Just 9 Months

In this interview, EPAM Anywhere Systems Engineer describes his journey to becoming a DevOps Engineer and shares his tips & tricks for getting multiple certificates - no matter what the subject is.

Career & Education / 4 min

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EPAM Anywhere’s Interview Process: What to Expect

Going through job interviews can be quite a challenging and time-consuming task. At EPAM Anywhere, we've tried to make it really hassle-free and transparent. How? Find out in this post!

Career & Education / 5 min

Digital code on the dark blue background

10 Most Popular Programming Languages for 2020 and Beyond

In our article, we'll rely on the data from TIOBE and PYPL to create our ultimate list of top programming languages. Let's see what bandwagon you should jump on to skyrocket your career!

Technology / 6 min