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how we hire

Here, we summarize the typical journey to finding a job within EPAM Anywhere — from applying for an open position to your first paycheck.

01. apply and tell us about yourself

To start, sign in to our EPAM Anywhere platform, apply for the position that best matches your skills and interests, and complete our standard pre-screening process to demonstrate your qualification level and your core knowledge.

profile creation

  • Apply for the most relevant vacancy based on your location, skills and seniority level.
  • Complete the application form and attach your CV (in English) or your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share your expectations for a job, including start date and desired compensation.
  • Complete online tests (if applicable). Depending on the skills required for the position, these may include algorithmic and logical tasks, small coding assignments or quizzes, and each may require between 15 and 30 minutes of time.
  • Wait for the review results!
download cv template
How we hire applicationHow we hire application
A woman and a man take part in the video job interviewA woman and a man take part in the video job interview

profile review

Over the next 1-2 business days (up to a week in some cases), we review all of the information in your profile, together with any test results to confirm whether your profile is a good match for your chosen position. If your profile is not a good match, we will let you know in an email. If it IS a match, we’ll contact you by phone or email to invite you to a General Interview.

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02. go through some standard interviews


the general interview

At that stage, you should be prepared to join a video call with our Talent Acquisition specialist to tell us about your background and past project experience, and to demonstrate your knowledge of English. We’ll provide detailed information about the program’s benefits, terms, and conditions, and we will answer any questions you may have.


the technical interview

If you pass the general interview, in 3 days to 1 week you’ll be invited to attend a session with our technology experts to discuss your domain-specific knowledge, problem-solving skills, and your experience with frameworks and tools. You’ll receive interview feedback within 48 hours of the interview.


the offer interview

You will meet with a Hiring Manager or an Offer Maker during the Offer Interview to discuss the specific terms and conditions of your job offer. As soon as you accept the offer, we begin searching for a project that fits your career and personal objectives.

03. get ready to join the team

In this step, we start onboarding and project search. Since we focus on offering you the best match possible, in some cases a project search may take up to 1 month.


You can complete the necessary documents and sign them right on the EPAM Anywhere platform, at one of our EPAM offices, or you may send them in by post. A personal virtual assistant will guide you through your onboarding process, help you prepare for your first day, and properly configure your hardware so that you are ready to work.

project and/or customer interviews

Next, you will get to know your new project team and/or a client and be ready to describe your technology expertise in English. Our goal is to ensure that the assignment offered to you is an excellent match for both you and the customer. You should expect to join several Project and/or Customer Interviews to land the position that’s best for you.

A screen that illustrates options for signing the documents right at EPAM Anywhere platformA screen that illustrates options for signing the documents right at EPAM Anywhere platform

04. dive into your new work

Focus on your new project tasks while we handle client management and communication.

A message from a bank that pops up on the smartphone reading that compensation has been credited to the cardA message from a bank that pops up on the smartphone reading that compensation has been credited to the card

work comfortably

To help you feel comfortable and confident in your new position, we offer:

  • a dedicated People Partner  to answer your questions and help you resolve any organizational or other work-related issues
  • a set of tools to keep you up to date on the project roadmap and help you boost your productivity
  • a Project Coordinator to help you navigate task descriptions and project documentation; and 
  • a personal Skill Advisor to help you advance your core skills, ensure smooth project staffing, and provide recommendations for your career growth
Receive your pay

We guarantee regular earnings, in your local currency, that comply with the applicable law of your jurisdiction.

explore benefits for your country

People at Anywhere enjoy a range of personal and professional benefits that support their comfort and wellbeing. The benefits we provide may vary from country to country, so please fill out the form to see what we can offer you.

make the most of your work

We’re offering many benefits across the globe. Browse through our open positions, apply for the one that fits you best and make the most of your work with the benefits of an enterprise-level company.