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Web Analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The leading role of a web data analyst in a company is to assess the feasibility of introducing certain technologies and tools into a project created to meet customers' needs. In addition, they are responsible for analyzing all stages of creating a web product and running a marketing campaign. This analysis is necessary to correct the user experience and functional qualities of a website to achieve better outcomes.

Main job description

Web analyst is a specialist who plans and manages the analytical component of marketing campaigns to create various web products. Among these professionals, just like in development, there is a gradation — Junior, Middle, and Senior. Each of them will have slightly different conditions and requirements for the job.

When choosing web analyst jobs for yourself, remember that this specialty is related to the digital sphere.

Web analyst jobs responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of a technical web analyst include:

  • Participation in the creation of web products
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Conducting digital and web analytics
  • Cooperation with the marketing department and discussion of future analysis
  • Cooperation with the technical department on the introduction of various technological solutions into the project being developed
  • Reporting
  • Creating conditions for the transformation of users into customers
  • Providing suggestions and ideas that can improve the quality of the services offered
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Implementation of relevant KPIs and their tracking

Upon reaching the senior position, a web analyst can also become the head of a small unit of analysts. To work effectively, they will need to independently distribute tasks between them and be able to manage their less experienced colleagues. In some cases, senior web analyst jobs may even become a mentor or teacher to improve the skills and knowledge of those who require it.

Requirements for web analytics analyst

To receive a web analyst job, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in a similar position from 2 years
  • A master's or bachelor's degree in related fields
  • In-depth knowledge of analysis tools
  • Ability to write documentation
  • Business analytics skills
  • Keeping up with all the trends in analytics, web design, and marketing

Web analytics professionals are most often part of a whole team of other analysts and work with both web development and marketing specialists.

Personal qualities

Each company has its list of requirements and responsibilities for web analytics. They will vary depending on what products are developed and what market the company operates in. But technical skills are not the only thing valuable in such a specialist. Recruiters often pay attention to personal qualities: a candidate's stress resistance, ability to solve complex problems, leadership qualities, etc. And for web analyst contract jobs in a remote collaboration environment, an employee must know how to properly manage their time and distinguish between work and personal life.