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Editorial Policy

The EPAM Anywhere blog offers career advice and software engineering tutorials for tech professionals seeking remote work or desiring to boost their tech career. Our primary goal is to deliver relevant, engaging, and valuable content that helps our readers navigate the tech industry proficiently and confidently.


Our blog posts predominantly focus on career guidance, professional development tips, as well as step-by-step technical tutorials. The presentation should be practical, encouraging, and professional, showing our commitment to readers’ continuous learning and career progression.

Accuracy and accountability

The information conveyed in our blog must be accurate, reliable, and authenticated through credible sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and all utilized resources and references should be adequately accredited. Writers are responsible for their content and need to adhere to this policy's ethical guidelines.

Quality and consistency

High-quality content production is our top priority. All blog posts are carefully edited to eliminate grammatical errors, spelling errors, and factual inaccuracies. Consistency across all posts regarding style, tone, and language is crucial to retaining a solid brand voice and a steady reader experience.

Author expertise

The creation of content is entrusted to experts or individuals with comprehensive knowledge on the topic. Though we aim to represent the organization's services, our blog's primary objective is to inform and educate rather than sell.

Authenticity and resonance

To cultivate trustworthiness among our readers, our content must be genuine, resourceful, and relatable. Technical or business jargon should be used sparingly, and only if it is indispensable to the comprehension of the article.

Visual content

Any corresponding images, infographics, or videos must be pertinent, high-resolution, and copyright compliant. Proper captions or source references for all visual content materials are mandatory.


Modifications to the published posts should be minimal and primarily for revisions or updates of the details provided.

Privacy and confidentiality

Respect for privacy is essential. Personal details, sensitive or confidential information should not be revealed in any part of our content.

This policy outlines our commitment to maintaining integrity and a high standard in our content. By adhering to these policies, we aim for our blog to be a reliable resource for aspiring and seasoned tech professionals.