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AWS engineering at EPAM Anywhere: quick facts

AWS engineering is one of our most vibrant tech disciplines. Worldwide, there are thousands of top-class engineers helping us drive value for our clients in multiple business verticals. Use your years of experience in cloud architecture design, API development, Linux server administration, site reliability engineering, systems administration, CI/CD pipeline orchestration, and other related skills to deliver excellence and enjoy a rewarding career at Anywhere.

AWS engineers in our global EPAM network
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work with an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner


EPAM has been an Amazon Web Services consulting partner since 2013 and also holds the AWS Well-Architected Review authorization.

This means that by working with us, you’ll be able to learn continuously from the best in the field cloud technologies and master your skills on real-life projects in a variety of competencies, including:

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    cloud migration
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    data & analytics
  • frontend.svg
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    machine learning
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  • Lightning.svg
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    life sciences

grow your AWS skills at Anywhere

At Anywhere, in addition to the AWS stack, you’ll be working with the latest technologies including Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker containers, and more.

Your colleagues will challenge you to evolve, while you’ll be able to stay up to date on all the latest cloud platforms through our learning resources and communities. Enjoy mastering your cloud engineering skills daily.


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high engineering culture

Java developers at Anywhere enjoy working on top projects in a community of passionate and like-minded professionals. Learn what awaits you once you choose this career track.

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For AWS services engineers at Anywhere, there are multiple career opportunities in DevOps, cloud and systems engineering, where you can reach one milestone after another.

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.NET developers at Anywhere are at the forefront of cloud engineering, delivering products that boast modern architecture and advanced capabilities.

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Our full-stack JavaScript engineers work actively with AWS products and help us deliver modern and engaging cloud-based solutions for both enterprises and SMBs.

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See what a Python developer’s career looks like with remote work at Anywhere.

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Remote Data engineers at Anywhere enjoy building a rewarding career on their own terms, while working on global projects from various industries like healthcare, insurance, etc.

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go beyond AWS

Learn how to expand your cloud engineering skills with GCP.
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See how Azure is utilized in cloud engineering practices at Anywhere.
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See how Angular is used in frontend development on our projects.
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Learn about having React in your skill set and how you can benefit from it.
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Learn how you can leverage Node.js in your software development.
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big data
See what we offer for big data engineering professionals.
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machine learning
Learn more about the machine learning career at Anywhere.
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what our AWS engineers say

Vanishree Ramachandra

As a Cloud Engineer at EPAM Anywhere, you can choose your own approach of contributing to the project. Working remotely will also give you enough space and time to keep both your professional and personal life in check.

Vanishree Ramachandra Systems Engineer, EPAM Anywhere
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Santiago Castellanos

I feel very comfortable and happy in my current role, and I know that EPAM Anywhere cares a lot about that. You can develop within the technical track or become a manager, or combine both like me, and that's just great. Not every company can offer something like that.

Santiago Castellanos Systems Engineering Team Leader, EPAM Anywhere

who we are

EPAM Anywhere is a global platform that welcomes top-level engineers, managers, business analysts, and other professionals who want to take up full-time remote jobs. Learn how this platform came about, what our goals and mission are, and how you can become part of our community too.

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how we hire

EPAM Anywhere is a global platform that welcomes top-level engineers, managers, business analysts, and other professionals who want to take up full-time remote jobs. Learn how this platform came about, what our goals and mission are, and how you can become part of our community too.

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