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Remote AWS Cloud Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Modern business in the context of globalization uses a huge amount of data and cloud computing. Therefore, there is an increasing number of AWS cloud engineer remote jobs and specialists in this field are in demand. An AWS cloud service engineer handles the use of available AWS systems to work with data flows.

Companies that hire these specialists to optimize their activities all have similar requirements. A general list of responsibilities will help applicants write a resume and help recruiters select the optimal criteria for screening candidates for remote AWS jobs.

What does an AWS cloud engineer do?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform with over 200 full-fledged services to work with. The task of an AWS specialist or AWS DevOps engineer is to develop various products using these services and cloud programming languages. Most often, specialists in remote AWS jobs have to develop cloud storage, computing tools, and information delivery services. The product will need constant refinement and improvement, which is also the responsibility of a cloud systems engineer.

A competent AWS cloud engineer can convey the value of their product to the customer. They know how to prove the product’s uniqueness and demonstrate the possibilities of the solution.

AWS remote jobs: complete list of responsibilities

When creating AWS remote jobs, each company is looking for an employee who will meet their individual needs. But a competitive applicant must be ready to perform the following duties:

  • Participate in project planning with other specialists
  • Structure the cloud application
  • Develop product using cloud services
  • Launch product and develop processes for its recovery in emergencies
  • Select tools to optimize the product
  • Automate work automation
  • Use specific tools for deploying applications
  • Detect and eliminate errors
  • Develop individual components of the final product
  • Optimize cloud solutions for the product
  • Create an optimal cloud structure
  • Present the product to end users
  • Develop and update product
  • Improve product safety
  • Update and maintain existing company solutions

Not every company will require all of these duties for AWS remote jobs. The set of functions for a cloud engineer depends on the tasks that the company faces.

General list of AWS remote jobs requirements

Most often, companies have the following requirements for AWS remote jobs:

  • Experience in a similar field
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer technology
  • Knowledge of coding at a high level
  • Deep knowledge of AWS capabilities
  • Ability to test the product at different stages of its development
  • Knowledge and use of AWS services
  • Ability to write scripts
  • Familiarity with scripting languages
  • Knowledge of DevOps
  • Knowledge and use of tools to optimize, automate and improve performance
  • Ability to detect and eliminate defects
  • Knowledge of continuous integration and libraries
  • Ability to cooperate with a team

AWS cloud engineer flexibility

Daily, cloud engineers are faced with small, routine tasks in addition to their main tasks. Therefore, in addition to professional skills, they must also have personal qualities like stress resistance, time management, responsiveness to emerging problems, attentiveness, and a positive attitude toward criticism. To communicate with customers, an AWS cloud engineer will need the ability to negotiate and argue their position. This skill helps qualify you for highly paid AWS remote work.