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Remote Node JS Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A Node JS developer is a specialist who: develops internal components for different types of products; connects applications to various web services; ensures seamless integration of client and server; and helps colleagues do their work using Node.JS capabilities.

Professionals looking for Node JS remote jobs have a lot in common with frontend developers, but they are two different specialties. To help companies find the right candidate, and help Node JS developers build a great resume, we've identified the standard responsibilities and requirements of the position. The information below can be used to prepare a resume or a position listing, and it is suitable for both work from home and office work.

Main job description

The main task of the Node JS developer, as a full stack specialist, is developing code for the entire backend of a product using a single programming language and within a single environment. In addition, the Node JS developer is expected to integrate the code into the system, manage data, and establish and maintain excellent performance for queries coming from the frontend. This specialist also needs to create and integrate functionality interface elements. The specialist needs comprehensive knowledge of many technologies as well as a working knowledge of frontend developer skills.

Node JS remote jobs responsibilities

The main responsibilities of remote Node JS developer jobs include:

  1. Creating scalable code
  2. Maintaining a network of applications
  3. Ensuring the integration of server-side elements for users
  4. Creating server logic
  5. Supporting for server components
  6. Developing responsive, high-performance software
  7. Organizing and supporting cybersecurity
  8. Identifying possible data storage solutions
  9. Ongoing improvement of server technology
  10. Reporting and documenting Node JS

Commonly, in Node JS developer remote jobs, a specialist will have to work with a team of related specialists. As a result, they need to have excellent communication skills and previous teamwork experience. To work online in a remote environment, you also need excellent time management skills, stress resistance, and a desire to constantly improve your knowledge.

Requirements for remote Node JS jobs

For optimal performance in a remote job as a Node JS developer, you are generally expected to meet the following requirements:

  1. A master's or bachelor's degree in computer science
  2. Specified number of years experience in a similar position
  3. Comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript, its methodologies, and features
  4. Mastery of Node.js
  5. Successful work from home experience
  6. Proficiency with asynchronous programming, several frameworks, and libraries
  7. Command of server languages ​​and interface technologies
  8. The ability to configure user authentication in several environments at once
  9. Adept at combining several databases into one
  10. Grasp of security tools
  11. Skilled in working with automation tools
  12. Capable of creating and organizing testing
  13. The ability to find and correct errors

The listed requirements will apply to most remote Node JS jobs but may vary a bit depending on the company, its work, and its goals.

Personal qualities

A Node JS developer, like other developers, is recognized for their level of experience, generally divided into beginners, middle, and senior specialists. For novice candidates, the list of responsibilities and requirements is more limited than described above. Specialists at this level are expected to have more basic skills, since they are most often graduates who are just starting their careers.

Beginner level specialists are not generally expected to work from home since it can be beneficial for them to regularly interact with, and be supervised by, more senior professionals. Intermediate professionals will most likely encounter exactly the requirements described above. A senior Node JS developer remote job will generally have the requirements listed above plus non-technical skills associated with the supervision of less-senior professionals. They may, for example, be expected to manage a whole team of specialists, establish and coordinate their work online, and skillfully communicate with clients and management.