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JavaScript developers choose jobs at AnywhereThe excitement of building a rewarding career as software engineers while working from their preferred location unites JavaScript developers at EPAM Anywhere. If you share our passion for career growth, professionalism, and web development, Anywhere is the place to be. Join our team of globally distributed JavaScript developers to contribute to our international projects and enjoy a remote-forever workstyle. Opt for frontend or full-stack development practices and enjoy career progression on your own terms. Push your limits and build your personal brand while getting recognition and support from colleagues.
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what our remote JS engineers say

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Nikita Shevtsiv

I chose EPAM Anywhere because remote work appeals to me. I like that I can create my little home office and manage my time and my life. I think it’s more efficient and productive this way. I don’t have to waste time commuting and I feel better overall. No burnout!

Nikita Shevtsiv Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Anywhere
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Jitendra Gosavi

My first reason to join EPAM Anywhere was the permanent remote work so I can save traveling time and spend it with my baby and my family. I also got a very good salary here and got to work on global projects with the latest technologies.

Stop wasting time commuting. Challenge yourself with new technologies. Come join EPAM Anywhere!

Jitendra Gosavi Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Anywhere

JavaScript developer skills and responsibilities

Joining Anywhere as a remote JavaScript developer, you will get to implement your technical and soft skills to bring value to global projects. Work within a professional and supportive environment where you will pursue a well-defined approach to reaching your career targets in software engineering.

As a remote JavaScript developer, you can work on building SaaS apps or work in frontend development to create user interfaces at scale. You can choose to expand your skill set to work as a full stack JavaScript developer or grow solely in one of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, Node.js, etc.

Browse through our list of key JavaScript developer skills to see which ones match your profile.

grow in your JavaScript developer job with Anywhere

JavaScript developers at Anywhere experience career growth in a well-defined and manageable way. Below, you’ll find the career tracks available to you as a JavaScript developer at Anywhere. You can opt for a software engineering manager role or stay in your technical track while still evolving your career.

Visualize your desired career target and work towards gaining and tweaking the required skills to reach your goals with the help of our skill advisors and mentors. When we hire JavaScript coders, they receive full support from our JavaScript developers’ global community all along their level-up journey.

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Find out more about our global community of software engineers, product managers, and other tech professionals who have committed to realizing their vision of remote-forever work. Bring a new edge to your career by applying for our full-time remote jobs and growing on your own terms at Anywhere.

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Along with a rewarding remote career in tech, Anywhere has a full package of appealing benefits including health insurance, corporate discounts, and relocation opportunities. Apply now to take advantage of the many benefits that Anywhere has to offer.

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