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Open remote Data Engineer vacancies at EPAM Anywhere

The main objective of remote data engineer jobs is to create a complete life cycle of data processing software with its implementation on the market, as well as support and improvement in the future. A specialist needs to have good communication skills and experience in conducting business dialog to effectively interact with both employers and the customer. In addition, data engineers must communicate online with other team members who are involved in the implementation of the project to obtain the most optimal result.

Main job description

Data engineer remote jobs aren’t just about creating software solutions for data processing but outputting a structured data stream that business analysts and other professionals need to work with. Most often, a remote data engineer knows several programming languages at once and can offer excellent product options aimed at supporting cybersecurity.

Remote data engineer jobs responsibilities

Data engineer telecommute jobs competencies include:

  • Implementation of unique products to optimize data delivery
  • Work with different departments of development and support of the future product
  • Communication with project managers and customers
  • Implementation of the best analytical tools
  • Work on optimizing the delivery of information
  • Implementation of scalable infrastructure
  • Creation and implementation of tests at different levels of the organization
  • Search and correction of errors
  • Framework coding
  • Introduction of unique updates into the data system life cycle
  • Creation of a convenient and scalable architecture that meets the stated requirements
  • Automation of manual processes and data delivery
  • Formation of a structure with the help of which it will be easy to transmit and receive data
  • Ensuring cybersecurity
  • Development of analytical tools to attract customers and improve efficiency

Remote data engineers participate in managerial and team meetings to discuss the products in progress as well as new solutions. In the conditions of working from home, this also remains relevant and necessary, which forces the specialist to correctly approach the calculation of their working time.

Data engineer remote jobs requirements

The most important requirements for remote data engineers are:

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technologies
  • Deep knowledge and extensive experience with SQL
  • The ability to easily find the necessary data in the code base
  • The ability to properly conduct business communication with management and the customer online
  • Experience in creating analysis systems for timely detection of data issues and their root causes
  • Ability to implement multilevel databases
  • In-depth knowledge of information design principles
  • Proficiency in multiple programming and scripting languages

In addition, the remote data engineer is also able to make predictions regarding the implementation of the most suitable solutions and defend their demand to the management.

Advantages of work-from-home data engineer jobs

By taking up work-from-home data engineer jobs, specialists can work in more comfortable conditions, effectively combining their remote work schedule with personal life while building a successful career. The main task is to learn how to properly optimize time and jobs, as well as work out time management.