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By choosing to work in big data at Anywhere, you’ll have significant space for growth and career advancement. You’ll be working with big data developers from around the globe and implementing your skills to bring value to our international projects.

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work on top big data projects with Anywhere

Big data jobs at Anywhere grant you access to international projects and a chance to build innovative products while delivering excellent results. Join our global team to cooperate with top data engineers, data scientists, and analysts and advance your skills while working remotely.

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    Data software engineering
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    Machine learning
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    SaaS software development
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    Data consulting
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    Data analytics
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    Data DevOps
  • Big Data Developer Job Description

    Big Data Developer Job Description Template: Skills, Roles and Responsibilities for EPAM Anywhere job applicants. Join our team of the industry's top talent.

grow your big data skills at Anywhere

Jobs for big data developers at Anywhere offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy the journey of building a remote career in tech. A forever-learner attitude is at the core of big data software engineering in our global community.


a remote-forever workstyle


engaging global projects


supportive tech community


extensive learning


your role as a remote big data developer at Anywhere

Explore the data engineering role available to you at Anywhere with big data as your primary skill.

Remote data engineers at Anywhere build fulfilling careers from the comfort of their homes and advance their skills by working on leading projects.

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go beyond big data


Discover a career in AWS cloud engineering at Anywhere.
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Find out how you can advance in your career with GCP in your skill set.
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Learn how you can use Azure in your project at Anywhere.
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Discover how frontend developers at Anywhere use ReactJS on a daily basis.
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Learn how you can benefit from having Angular in your skill profile while working at Anywhere.
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what our remote software engineers say

Juliana DiazJuliana Diaz

At Anywhere, the benefits were just too good to pass. I’ve always loved traveling so the fact that the job was 100% remote was a big factor for me. To top all of this, it’s a really strong tech company, and I firmly believe tech companies will thrive in the future.

Juliana Diaz Senior Software Engineer, Data & Visualization, EPAM Anywhere
Nikita ShevtsivNikita Shevtsiv

Anywhere has a lot to offer for your professional growth. You can grow into a lead or solution architect role, and this is something not every company offers. You won’t need to think about where you want to be in a year because you’ll know it.

Nikita Shevtsiv Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Anywhere

about Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere unites top professionals in tech around the concept of a remote workstyle. Software engineers, business analysts, QA engineers, and many other specialists work on exciting international projects from the comfort of their homes and build fulfilling careers at scale. Join our global talent pool to enjoy a full-time remote job in tech.

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how to join us

To join Anywhere as a remote big data developer you’ll need to go through a couple of steps. Apply for our vacancies today and get your dream job at Anywhere. Learn more about our big data jobs hiring process. We welcome you to our global team.

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