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Docker Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Although the basic technology behind Docker was developed roughly a decade ago, Docker remains an excellent tool for complex development needs. Docker continues to attract users with its accelerated development process, convenient application encapsulation, and easy scalability. It is not the only platform of its kind, but it is definitely one of the most popular.

Docker developers describe it as a very handy tool for building packages, shipping, and running applications in containers. Large companies like Google, Amazon, and VMware view Docker as a proven industry technology, so now is the perfect time to explore this tool and advance your career.

Our EPAM Anywhere team follows trends in the IT world and monitors the increasing need for top talents. We are happy to tell you more about Docker remote jobs and the requirements for a successful interview.

Hard skills for Docker remote jobs

Although developers may have expertise in a particular stack or structure, they primarily care about meeting business requirements. Making the effort to learn Docker and its various deployment methods is sure to yield positive results for your career development.

When you decide to apply for a Docker job, or your search leads you to Docker remote jobs, be sure you match the checklist of necessary skills:

  • 2+ years experience in design and implementation of automated containerized cloud applications
  • understanding of Docker and Kubernetes container lifecycles
  • solid grasp of key platform commands
  • familiarity with Docker namespace technology
  • experience with the Docker Swarm tool
  • ability to determine the state of Docker containers
  • capability of handling Docker images and knowledge of the Docker run command
  • awareness of Docker default networks
  • good understanding of running processes inside a Linux container using Docker

Docker Developer main responsibilities

Docker is a tool with many features. The sooner you learn the basic scope of its capabilities, the easier it will be to understand its purpose and how to use the platform. This expertise is essential for a Docker Developer in:

  • engineering and introducing web-based applications
  • creating and implementing container management solutions with Kubernetes and Docker
  • establishing robust, scalable, and productive Kubernetes platforms
  • debugging technical issues within a stack that includes containers, microservices, AWS services
  • providing insight into system functionality and architecture
  • evaluating new technologies and providing recommendations

Find the right position among Docker remote jobs

Learn more about available positions for professionals at various levels on our website. We offer long-term cooperation with proven clients. You can trust us to select the best position for you among the Docker jobs on remote. Apply now!