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.NET Core Remote Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

.NET Core programming language, as well as the entire .NET platform, was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has been among Top-10 leaders on the IT market for decades. This company creates all their products on the .NET platform. Due to the active contribution from the Microsoft side, .NET Core is always relevant and the new features are added all the time.

Why .Net is so popular

In the recent survey published by CodinGame, .NET Core placed the third place as the most in-demand framework by employers. The deal is this technology has a wide range of applications. This framework brings manifold benefits:

  • .NET Core is a fully open-source software framework. All the source code and documentation are free to use
  • .NET Core is cross-platform – it can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems
  • server-side rendering with .NET Core allows you to render any frontend library on backend
  • with .NET Core Command Line Interface, you can execute all product scenarios right in the command line.

You can find a .Net Core job both in a large project with a well-defined technology stack, and in the ones that create a new software product using the latest tools. What technologies do you need to learn to become a .NET core developer?

Core skills and technologies for a .NET core developer

Today, a .NET Core remote developer can apply their skills in various areas of software product development: cloud services, game development, web apps and web services, desktop and mobile apps. Mastering the following skills and technologies, you will get a splendid Net Core job:

  • a sound base in C# 
  • a strong background in .NET framework and any technology on top of it
  • a solid foundation in ASP.NET 
  • experience with Entity Framework
  • navigating with relational database management system (RDBMS) and SQL
  • a basic knowledge of front-end
  • understanding of modern design patterns and architecture guides
  • experience with the Version Control System.

When it comes to senior .NET Core freelance specialist, they should:

  • have superior planning, organizing, and management skills
  • comprehend code standards, release strategy, and code review process
  • understand Unit and API testing
  • know Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment
  • understand the basics of business analysis and UX design.

What you will do as a .NET Core remote developer 

.NET Core remote specialists work on products for financial, social, scientific, and many other fields. Their main responsibilities include:

  • software design, implementation, and development
  • conducting code and architecture reviews
  • design of interfaces and components
  • analysis of requirements and cross-team collaboration 
  • providing accurate estimates on work items
  • assistance to the support team.

.NET Core Freelance with EPAM Anywhere

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