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Apigee Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Statistically, you’re most likely an API developer. It’s said that today nearly 90% of the global developers community use API. No surprise, as with growing complexity monolithic applications gave way to microservices.

Among the shiniest tools available for managing enterprise-grade APIs is Apigee. Its recent major update offers a potent symbiosis between smooth API control, networking, security, and AI and boosts applications with powerful monetization, traffic predictions, and threat assessment. All this sugar makes Apigee a tidbit for enterprise customers and Apigee jobs — rapidly growing in numbers on a tech market.

We at EPAM Anywhere are happy to meet an experienced API professional, especially with expertise in Apigee, and invite them to work remotely with our clients — global IT brands and startups worldwide.

Joining us is super easy. Just take a look at our openings, pick the one you are excited about, hit “Apply,” and we’ll do the rest! Meanwhile, look through to see what skills are sought-after in API development.

Skills required for Apigee Developer jobs

As every professional in web development, Apigee developers must embrace profound knowledge of API, application networking, and all the fundamental principles of REST architecture. Here are only some basic skills that will help you to acquire a job in an API field:

  • track record of API implementation
  • involvement in Enterprise Business bus development will be an asset for an Apigee developer
  • hands-on experience working with Google Cloud services and Apigee edge platform or other API management services
  • firm grip on SOAP and REST architectures, HTTP principles, XML and JSON
  • knowledge of authentication mechanisms and instruments (OAuth. etc.)
  • ability to work in an Agile team
  • applied knowledge of Git, CI/CD
  • familiarity with microservices
  • experience with testing and automated testing, familiarity with Cucumber or similar frameworks

Responsibilities you’ll usually take on when applying for Apigee Developer jobs

As an Apigee developer, you’ll be focused on building APIs with Google Cloud Apigee and using most of its predictive abilities. You’ll be able to turn actionable data provided by the service into traffic pattern forecasts, spot opportunities, and detect anomalies on the fly. Among everyday duties at Apigee jobs are:

  • designing and building APIs using Apigee
  • implementing security layer, analytics, caching, etc
  • creating Apigee policies using Python, JavaScript, Java, etc
  • creating and managing flows to handle errors, security, etc
  • generating API documentation using Swagger or similar tools
  • writing tests and automation for APIs

Ready to join EPAM Anywhere team as a strong API specialist? Choose one of our open vacancies, and we’ll see you shortly at the interview!