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senior devops (gcp)

Google Cloud Platform, UNIX shell scripting, Anthos Service Mesh, CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Google Kubernetes Engine, Helm, Istio, Terraform
Sorry the job is no longer available.

We are looking for a highly skilled Senior DevOps (GCP) professional to join our team. As a Senior DevOps on the Google Cloud Platform, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining infrastructure using an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach on GCP. Your role will involve creating and managing CI/CD pipelines and automation using GitHub Actions, ensuring seamless integration of new functionalities in collaboration with the development team. You will analyze and improve existing systems, services, and infrastructure while adhering to standards, best practices, and guidelines. Effective communication with the customer and Central Cloud Engineering team is essential as you implement monitoring, logging, and alerting based on the architectural design document.

  • Develop and maintain infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-Code approach on GCP
  • Create and manage CI/CD pipelines and automation with cloud-specific deployment models using GitHub Actions
  • Analyze and improve existing systems, services, and infrastructure to optimize performance and efficiency
  • Collaborate closely with the development team from the Client side to integrate new functionalities
  • Follow standards, best practices, and guidelines to ensure a consistent and secure DevOps process
  • Communicate with the customer on a daily basis to understand and address their requirements
  • Request different services or permissions from the Central Cloud Engineering team through established processes in JIRA
  • Implement monitoring, logging, and alerting solutions based on the architectural design document
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience as a DevOps professional
  • In-depth knowledge of Anthos Service Mesh, enabling seamless service communication and observability
  • Extensive experience in Continuous Integration development and maintenance, streamlining the software development process
  • Strong proficiency in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), utilizing its services for scalable and reliable application deployment
  • Expertise in GCP Identity and Access, managing user permissions and security configurations
  • Solid understanding of GCP Networking, configuring VPCs and load balancers for efficient data flow
  • Knowledgeable in GCP Security practices, implementing measures to safeguard data and applications
  • Proficiency in GitHub Actions, enabling automated workflows for continuous integration and deployment
  • Experience with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), managing containerized applications in a Kubernetes environment
  • Familiarity with Helm charts for efficient application deployment and management
  • Proficient in Infrastructure as Code development and maintenance using tools like Terraform
  • Knowledge of Istio for managing microservices and service mesh functionality
  • Strong UNIX shell scripting skills for automating tasks and processes
  • B2+ English level for effective communication with the team and stakeholders
nice to have
  • Previous experience working in financial services, providing valuable insights into industry-specific requirements
  • Knowledge of New Relic for application monitoring and performance management
  • Experience in software development, contributing to improved DevOps practices
  • Decent business acumen, understanding business needs and aligning DevOps solutions accordingly
  • Proficiency in the German language, facilitating effective communication with German-speaking clients or team members

benefits for locations

For you
  • Insurance Coverage 
  • Paid Leaves – including maternity, bereavement, paternity, and special COVID-19 leaves. 
  • Financial assistance for medical crisis 
  • Retiral Benefits – VPF and NPS 
  • Customized Mindfulness and Wellness programs 
  • EPAM Hobby Clubs
For your comfortable work
  • Hybrid Work Model 
  • Soft loans to set up workspace at home 
  • Stable workload 
  • Relocation opportunities with ‘EPAM without Borders’ program

For your growth
  • Certification trainings for technical and soft skills 
  • Access to unlimited LinkedIn Learning platform 
  • Access to internal learning programs set up by world class trainers 
  • Community networking and idea creation platforms 
  • Mentorship programs 
  • Self-driven career progression tool

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