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Data Quality Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Designing a wide range of things from buildings to cars, roller coasters and so many others that we all encounter on a daily basis, engineers have long been one of the primary sources of innovation. In an era of computers and high data consumption, when 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, does it surprise you to know that the services of Data Quality Engineers are much in demand?

Are you looking for the right position to put your technical skills to good use? Do you have data management experience? Are you skilled in SQL, Azure DevOps, as well as the execution of the best testing practices and procedures? If so, then our data quality jobs are right up your alley.

Data Quality Manager job description: core skills

The essence of the role of a Data Quality Engineer is to ensure the optimum quality of data delivered to stakeholders. As such, data quality jobs are essential to a product's life cycle, and they require core skills such as:

  • prior experience working as a Data Quality Engineer
  • background in data profiling and result record keeping
  • proficiency with Azure DevOps
  • knowledge of data formats and types, as well as issues or errors related to them
  • history of working with ETL tools
  • demonstrated skill in developing test harnesses, plans, and cases, as well as a working understanding of the best testing practices
  • experience with file formats such as JSON, CSV and XML
  • comprehension of ASCII and UNICODE
  • command of SQL and relational databases
  • facility with the Python programming language

Soft skills of EPAM Anywhere’s Data Quality vacancies

The non-technical components of our Data Quality Manager job description include:

  • willingness to be a team player
  • superior communication skills
  • strong analytical skills
  • demonstrated problem solving ability
  • excellent time management skills
  • high tolerance for stress
  • effective decision making abilities

Responsibilities of Data Quality jobs

Due to the high-profile nature of our software development services and, by extension, our job vacancies, we receive many inquiries about our available positions. One of the most common pertains to our expectations of our data quality engineers. Our experts compiled a list of responsibilities for our data quality job description, and they include:

  • working collaboratively with other experts to ensure high data quality
  • developing a data implementation strategy
  • conducting periodic tests
  • executing measures to spot important metadata and data elements
  • developing a framework for the assurance of data quality
  • working with SQL
  • monitoring and documenting QA outcomes

Why Data Quality jobs at EPAM Anywhere are best for you

How do the vacancies at EPAM Anywhere differ from opportunities you might find elsewhere, and why are they right for you? Now that we’ve identified the core skills and responsibilities of our data quality job description, it makes sense to focus on some of the many benefits available to you as part of our EPAM Anywhere team. These include:

Career growth opportunities

Although IT jobs are often exciting, that can mean that they require almost perpetual improvement, lest your skill set be rendered outdated. At EPAM Anywhere, we don’t place the burden on you to identify and pursue education and training. Instead, we provide our Data Quality Engineers with opportunities for both structured and unstructured career growth.

Structured opportunities include certificate programs, a personal coach, and more than 10k high-quality education and training materials including a variety of libraries. Unstructured opportunities include the experience you will gain by working with enterprise organizations and start-ups, as well as making contributions to cutting-edge projects. You don't want to miss out on being an EPAM Anywhere talent.

Location-specific healthcare benefits

Everyone needs a break sometimes, whether it be for a family-related occasion, or a health issue, including maternity care. Are you one of the many employees who has earned less than you wished as the result of a need to occasionally take time away from work? If so, you’ll be happy to know that our Data Quality Manager job description comes with a location-specific set of corporate benefits that you won’t want to miss.

Flexible work schedule

We believe that the problem-solving nature of technology should be reflected in other aspects of the tech world, including the employment sector. What do we mean by that? We think that employees should not be limited to a one-size-fits-all rigid schedule of mandatory in-office work when there are better alternatives, like remote work. So, if you are tired of a work schedule stuck in the past, take the initiative and join our team of remote Data Quality Engineers. Do what you love, in comfort, while earning a competitive salary and benefits.