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Remote Big Data Architect Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

In today's business environment, an increasing number of enterprises experience an enormous boost of data. Apparently, this leads to a growing need for such professionals as Big Data Solution Architects. In-house Big Data specialists are in huge demand now.

Typically, Big Data Architects are expected to analyze systematically, store, systematically extract, and store huge data. Besides, it's essential for these professionals to have hands-on dataset modeling, cope with performing numerous Big Data executions, and more. So, as we've moved to our home offices, which skills are enlisted in Big Data Architect remote jobs today?

Core skills a remote Big Data Architect should bring to the table

Senior Big Data Solution Architects, in particular, should address various challenges and needs related to data. Thus, most Big Data Architect jobs require from these professionals:

  • Ability to code using SQL, Python or Java
  • Knowledge of RESTful services
  • Hands-on Spark, Hive, or Kafka frameworks
  • Working with HBase, MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, and other services
  • Solid grasp of applied maths and statistics
  • Ability to design, set up, and maintain cloud work environments and applications architecture
  • Hands-on various manipulations with data
  • Fluency with design and visualization tools
  • Demonstrating the ability to make sound resolutions regarding data
  • Understanding of Machine Learning essentials
  • Prominent communication skill
  • Creative and analytical problem-solving

Responsibilities typical for Big Data Architect jobs

As it comes from the vast list of knowledge areas remote Big Data Architects need to bring in, the set of expected responsibilities may look pretty comprehensive as well. Specifically, responsibilities cover:

  • Leveraging Big Data capabilities to build scalable, reliable, and error-free components
  • Designing concepts and guides aimed to address miscellaneous issues related to remote-access data processing
  • Assistance to determine the extent of the works and product specifications
  • Cooperating with customers to align the implementation of a strategic plan
  • Converting business wants into tech specifications and then into the ready product
  • Composing and managing the implementation of the product definition plan

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