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Remote C++ Software Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

C++ is one of the most wanted and yet the most dreaded technologies of today. It’s a tough nut to crack. But by the price of high complexity, it yields a precious versatility. C++ interfaces with nearly any language and runs on any platform.

Another thing is control. The control over the system C++ provides is so profound, it empowers an expert developer to craft a program of the highest performance and speed. That’s why a Senior Software Engineer with C++ as a native language is a golden nugget sought by any top-tier techno business. And they’re ready to pay a pretty penny. The average salary for such a pro in the US is between 110 and 120 thousand dollars.

In EPAM Anywhere, we are always on the watch for such an exceptional remote C++ Engineer. We help the industry’s finest talents to work remotely with the leading IT brands around the globe. After joining us, you only get projects that fit you best and boost your professional growth.

Check out what you need to start your dream career and do what you love most with EPAM Anywhere.

Underlying skills Senior Software Engineer C++ jobs require

Hard skills for almost every C++ Engineer job:

  • Mastery of both Core C++ and Standard library
  • Basic knowledge of C - Core C, libraries, runtime behavior, memory management, security issues
  • Advanced understanding of Code Review process and Release Strategies
  • Intermediate experience with Continuous Integration
  • Practical knowledge of Unit and API testing
  • At least basic knowledge of RDBMS such as SQL Server and Oracle

It will be a tremendous asset if you show:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript and XML
  • Hands-on experience with Unix and Linux
  • Familiarity with agile software development methodologies

Soft skills to unleash your awesomeness:

  • Self-efficiency skills like decision making, self-management, and continuous learning
  • Ability to be a team-player
  • Communication skills - the ability to establish and maintain a relationship, ability to express yourself clearly
  • Writing and speaking English at least at B2 level (upper-intermediate)

What Remote C++ Software Engineer Jobs usually come with

Responsibilities that underlie nearly any C++ Engineer job are:

  • Defining the code architecture
  • Writing, testing, and deploying efficient and reusable C++ code
  • Maintaining code quality, identifying bottlenecks and bugs, suggesting and implementing improvements
  • Designing, developing, documenting, testing, deploying, and supporting modules

Apply as a remote C++ Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

In the era of cloud solutions, C++ becomes a paramount technology and the one who tamed it – second to none. Ready to grow into the most valuable asset in a great team? One of the remote C++ Software Engineer jobs is waiting for you at EPAM Anywhere. Simply go through the vacancies and apply!