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Remote C# Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Are you a talented and proficient developer with significant years of experience who's looking for C# remote jobs? Then EPAM's c# developer jobs are precisely what you've been waiting for. There is no denying the fact that the advent of COVID-19 and its implications has made remote work a necessity; however, research shows that this trend will continue long past the pandemic era. Therefore, with your skillset, coupled with the benefits of our remote c# jobs and our favorable working conditions, you are sure to enjoy your time with EPAM in the foreseeable future.

Developed by Microsoft, C# has become one of the most versatile computer programming languages globally. It runs on .Net and ASP.NET frameworks, and it's often used to develop desktop applications, web services, and web applications. It is used to create Microsoft applications on a large scale, and it's much preferred for augmented reality/virtual applications and games development. Also, according to a recent survey, 14-16% of the top 100 million websites are powered by ASP.NET, of which the majority were developed with C#. And given the boost in web development services in recent years, it's safe to say that a career as a remote c# developer is sure to have many advantages both in the short-term and long-term.

Advantages of C# Programming

There are many advantages of c# programming to speak of, such as the number of available frameworks and toolsets you get to support the language. Moreover, given the influence of Microsoft in the tech world, its backing makes c# and its associated frameworks like .NET and ASP.NET huge powerhouses by default. Besides, due to its open-source nature, it's also not lacking in community backing as there are a vast number of c# developers who've contributed solutions that expedite software development and problem-solving. Best yet, the versatility of c# makes it ideal for developing any application; that, coupled with the hundreds of .NET framework libraries, makes c# a worthwhile programming language. Other advantages include:

  • It's object-oriented
  • Excellent for cross-platform Programming
  • Garbage collection is automated
  • Ideal for providing web application services
  • Excellent for the development of console application development
  • Excellent fur desktop application development
  • Perfect for MVC application development
  • Ideal for WCF application development
  • Excellent for Wpf application development
  • Excellent for Silver light application development

Core Skills and Technologies Required by C# Developer Jobs

Although c# is an easy-to-learn high-level programming language, some programmers aren't clear on the job requirements, especially the newbies. Therefore, our experts have compiled a list of core skills and technologies required to land our c# programmer jobs. They include:

  • Proficiency in C#.Net
  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML, and web development frameworks (Bootstrap, AngularJS, and JQuery)
  • Our C# programmer jobs require considerable experience in software development
  • Familiarity with Relational Databases and SQL
  • Proven experience with OOD and software design methodologies
  • Experience with ORM frameworks
  • BS degree in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Our c# jobs require capable object-oriented programmer
  • Solid experience in the area of Web services development (REST, SOAP)

C# Developer Duties And Responsibilities

Like any employment, there are several things that an employee would be responsible for, and c# programming jobs are no different. On that note, here are some responsibilities native to our c# remote jobs.

  • Implementing, testing, and bug-fixing functionality
  • Discussing requirements for c# project development
  • Designing and implementing software projects using C#
  • Taking part as a team member in fully agile scrum deliveries
  • Providing support to end-users
  • Designing, building, and maintaining reliable and efficient C# code

With over 20 years of revolutionizing the digital experience, EPAM Anywhere takes pride in providing the best working conditions for its employees. Some of the benefits of our c# developer jobs include competitive salary rates, career growth opportunities, and the introduction to some of the best technologies. So, what are you waiting for? Do our c# programming jobs tickle your fancy? Then join the winning team.