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Kubernetes developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

With the rise of microservice architecture and containerization technology, developers began to test and deploy modern software in a quite different way. Kubernetes container platform took on a great deal of popularity because it lets users easily run applications on a multi-cloud host.

Kubernetes got a boost from Microsoft, Verizor, IBM, VMware and RedHat, which caused a growth of Kubernetes remote jobs openings. Training in Kubernetes gives benefits not only to experts, but even middle-level specialists can make a profit for businesses by learning how to work with this infrastructure.

Here, at EPAM Anywhere, we will guide you through the knowledge and experience needed to land Kubernetes remote jobs. Keep reading!

Core skills for Kubernetes Developer jobs

Whether you are a Software Architect or an Engineer, a Cloud Engineer or a Full Stack Developer, great career prospects are already in the Kubernetes store for you.

Statistically if companies intend to recruit a specialist for Kubernetes Developer jobs, preference goes to someone who already has some experience with such software to join the current team more quickly. An ideal candidate should have the following skills:

  • 2+ years of relevant experience in a Development Operations role
  • good knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • working with AWS will be a plus
  • strong grasp of containers tools and orchestration technologies
  • experience with Unix and Linux systems
  • ability to work with version control systems
  • proven record of configuring and maintaining logging services, such as fluentd, elasticsearch,
  • solid scripting knowledge

During a technical interview for Kubernetes remote jobs you may get a challenge to carry out Kubernetes real-time tasks on a virtual machine. Or you will need to write a Linux script, as this is one of the duties for a Kubernetes Developer.

Kubernetes developer remote jobs offers from EPAM Anywhere

If you want to pump up your career, learn new skills and join our team of the industry’s top experts, we have something for you. Explore open remote Kubernetes jobs on our platform, hit apply, and work in the projects for global brands from almost anywhere!