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Scala developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Talking about prospects for programming languages, recruiting companies and search results put Scala in the top 3 most in-demand. Twitter's decision to migrate its platform from Ruby to Scala has caught the attention of many IT companies around the world including sites like WhatsApp, Netflix, LinkedIn, Foursquare and eBay that have joined Scala as well.

Statistical reports from the DOU and Hired show that vacancies for remote Scala Developers hold at a steadily high level. The language targets complex database-driven infrastructure, so employers are willing to pay good money for scrupulous work. And if that's what you're aiming for, then find more useful information about Scala jobs at EPAM Anywhere.

Core skills important for Scala Developers

Scala allows you to enrich yourself as a professional by learning new approaches and principles. But the main thing which attracts a certain type of developers is that it lets them write highly abstract and perfect code.

Applying for a Senior Scala Developer position, one must have the next hard skillset:

  • 5+ years of experience in development
  • excellent background in Scala ecosystem
  • practice in software testing hierarchy
  • ability to analyze, troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • solid experience with Data Lakes and MPP DW systems
  • skills in working with data warehouse: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Clickhouse
  • knowledge of Big Data technologies (Kafka, Spark)
  • written and spoken English

Other Scala jobs proficiencies that can give a plus include experience in:

  • Python scripting
  • practice with JS React
  • understanding of PlantUML
  • familiarity with functional programming concepts

Listening, speaking, and negotiating skills are also important. Landing one of EPAM Anywhere’s Senior Scala Developer jobs, you should be able to:

  • work in a multinational team
  • communicate effectively amid 100% remote setup
  • manage your time to stay productive without compromising personal wellbeing
  • make decisions and take responsibility for them

Typical responsibilities for Freelance Scala Developer jobs

Scala framework is often used to develop distributed financial, banking, sports betting and online casino applications. The scope of the freelance Scala Developer's duties, therefore, are likely to include:

  • participation in company product development processes
  • writing unit and integration tests for new and existing features
  • implementing cutting edge technologies
  • working with documentation of major design decisions
  • solving technical challenges
  • troubleshooting production interference, analyzing logs, improving performance analysis
  • producing a high quality solution in a timely manner
  • acquiring new professional skills to keep up with changing technology

Find Scala Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Check out Scala remote jobs on our platform, apply for the one that suits you best and join our team of the industry’s top experts to work on the projects for global brands.