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Remote Scrum Master jobs with EPAM Anywhere

Scrum is powerful and popular. It allows teams to collaborate closely and to deliver continuously through quick iterations. But it’s just a buzzword without understanding the principal resource that makes Scrum so efficient – people. It’s people who ensure every project's success, stepping up to mission-critical tasks and working under the pressure of aggressive deadlines.

Only truly collaborative companies make the most of Scrum. The key to such collaboration is a Scrum Master – a leader who’s maintaining communication between the development team and the organization, translating business needs and technical work to facilitate a true team effort.

Because of the value that they provide, the number of Scrum Master jobs only increases. We at EPAM Anywhere will be happy to offer an experienced professional a remote career as a Scrum Master and work with one of our partners – global technology brands. Just take a look at our Scrum Master vacancies. We’re sure some of them you’ll find captivating.

Skills necessary to excel at Scrum jobs

Hard Skills to be a perfect candidate for Scrum Master jobs:

  • proficiency with project operation tools like JIRA, Confluence, Slack, EasyRetro, etc.
  • applied knowledge of JQL, ability to translate business requirements into user stories and tasks
  • understanding of the principles of Agile development, experience working with Kanban board
  • experience with delivering products in an Agile way
  • practical knowledge of risk assessment
  • ability to develop JIRA dashboards
  • technical background would be a tremendous asset when applying to Scrum Master vacancies

Soft skills to succeed at Scrum jobs:

  • conflict resolution skills and the ability to address obstacles to ensure that nothing slows down the team’s progress
  • teaching ability and a desire to share knowledge about the best Agile ways across the teams
  • understanding of servant leadership philosophy, willingness to lead by example

Duties remote Scrum Master jobs involve

A true Scrum Master is an ultimate leader and yet a perfect servant, constantly assisting and protecting the interests of the development team, product owners, and the entire organization. Typical responsibilities shared across virtually all Scrum Master positions include:

  • creating user stories and tasks based on business requirements
  • assessing backlog together with product owners and technical teams, identifying and applying techniques for effective backlog management
  • tracking and managing the progress of sprints and compiling status reports, risk assessments, burndown/up charts
  • facilitating Scrum ceremonies
  • maintaining transparency of team progress status
  • ensuring that everyone in a Scrum team understands the business and technical goals and scopes
  • training product owners, organizations, and development teams in self-organization
  • removing impediments to the team’s progress

Apply to remote Scrum Master jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Scrum Master is a project leader who ensures the whole organization follows Agile principles, and everyone works at their best and communicates as a team. If you’re such a champion, we’re dreaming of working with you! Run through our remote Scrum Master jobs, choose one that fits your experience best, and hit Apply!