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Senior Data Analyst: a variety of open jobs

A senior data analyst is a highly experienced and skilled person who plays a key role in learning about any company information and making assumptions ahead of time. They also provide a technical analysis of various business projects with an expert opinion on the result and prospects for product integration. Let's take a closer look at the senior data analyst vacancy.

Job features

Through the study and analysis of various types of data, a remote senior data analyst can build expert assumptions about customer attitudes towards one or more products. The specialist also analyzes possible prospects for the development of the brand and takes part in the strategy creation.

To receive a senior data analyst job, you must be prepared to provide companies with extended analysis of their performance, for which you will be responsible.

Main job responsibilities

Remote senior data analyst jobs often contain the following list of requirements for candidates:

  • Creation of a strategy for analyzing the future project
  • Deep data analysis to evaluate business processes
  • Continuous assistance to junior and middle-level employees
  • Making suggestions to improve the quality of business processes
  • Performing data analysis in SQL and MS Excel
  • Integration of tools for process automation
  • Distribution of duties and tasks among employees
  • Work with relational databases
  • Providing the best tools for working with data
  • Development of tools and methods for data analysis and visualization
  • Compiling business stories
  • Data security support
  • Providing detailed reports

In addition, when choosing remote senior data analyst jobs, you should be ready to tackle the development and implementation of monitoring and reporting tools, as well as being responsible for metadata management.

Requirements for candidates for remote senior data analyst jobs

A remote senior data analyst must be fluent in quantitative and programmatic methods for analyzing and managing big data. Also, a specialist should be able to analyze complex business processes regarding strategy, technological solutions, and performance. Other job requirements for candidates include:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science
  • 3-5 years of job experience in the industry of data analysis using SQL
  • CIPM, CFA, and/or CAIA certificates
  • Proficiency in working with automation tools
  • Fluency in SQL and Excel
  • Ability to manage a team
  • Time management skills
  • Deep knowledge of reporting tools
  • Excellent communication skills

Applicants for the position of senior data analyst need to have experience with industry data analysis and management tools.

Benefits of choosing senior data analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The EPAM Anywhere platform is where every professional can find dozens of remote senior data analyst jobs and choose what suits them best. At the application stage, you write down your wishes for a new job, and after signing the contract, your coordinator sends you suitable options.

We’ll do our best to address your expectations and make you feel comfortable in remote work conditions. Choose among rewarding senior data analyst jobs and start your new journey with EPAM Anywhere right now.