Senior QA Automation Engineer Jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote Senior Automation Test Engineer.


Competitive compensation

We back all payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Your annual paycheck can range from $15k to $200k.


Numerous benefits

Make use of 1,500+ online and location-specific benefits across 30+ countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


Limitless career growth opportunities

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Senior Automation Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Senior Test Automation Engineers (or QA automation Engineers) focus on automated solutions for software processes. They conduct scheduled data-driven tests using automation tools on multiple platforms to determine if a product is optimized and meets the project goals. Are you interested to learn more about our Senior QA Automation Engineer job description?

Senior QA Automation Engineer job description: core skills

Just as it is important in your work to understand and meet the needs of your target audience, we are looking for experts whose skills are a match for the requirements of our Senior Automation Engineer jobs, including:

  • solid background in at least one programming language such as Python, C#, CSS, and HTML
  • prior manual testing experience
  • knowledge of test automation approaches and framework architecture
  • successful experience writing test scripts
  • background with web test and API test automation tools
  • skill with troubleshooting automation tools
  • experience working with BDD frameworks
  • history working with the Scrum software development methodology

Soft skills of a Senior QA Automation Engineer

Like most specialized IT positions, in addition to the core hard skills, a Senior Automation Engineer needs a collection of non-technical skills to work effectively. These include:

  • adaptability
  • high tolerance for stress
  • creativity
  • emotional intelligence
  • good interpersonal skills
  • decision-making skills
  • willingness to be a team player
  • excellent analytical abilities
  • professionalism and willingness to take ownership of responsibilities
  • superior time management skills
  • proven organizational skills

Responsibilities of a Senior QA Automation Engineer

The responsibilities of a Senior automation Engineer closely correspond to the required skills. Now that you know some of the skill requirements of our Senior Automation Engineer jobs, let’s focus on the role you will play when you step into the position of a Senior Test Automation Engineer with EPAM Anywhere. Your responsibilities will include:

  • collaborating with other experts on the project
  • creating tests for quality assurance
  • working with test automation tools
  • designing plans for automation tests
  • working within the guidelines of test automation
  • staying current with industry developments and best practices
  • preparing reports
  • using an identification process to pinpoint automation test cases
  • mentoring other QA automation Engineers

Perks of Being an EPAM Anywhere Talent

The combination of our reputation as a leading global software development company and the generous corporate benefits that we provide mean that our positions for Senior QA Automation Engineers are attracting significant attention on the job market. These perks include:

Remote work

In the last two years, employment expectations and conditions have changed in some significant ways. Years ago, remote work wasn't a concept that most employers or employees were willing to consider. That has certainly changed. There is a new appreciation for the benefits of the flexibility and productivity associated with remote employment, and employees appreciate the fact that they can work from any location around the world.

Are you looking to live a modern lifestyle, combining work and travel, but having difficulty finding the right work-life balance? Our remote Senior QA Automation Developer jobs can help you with that. The combination of our technical assistance and your skills mean that you can be in the location of your choice while earning a generous paycheck. Are you ready to start?

Stable workload

People get into the IT field for various reasons. Most do it for the opportunity to work creatively and a love of technology. Are you a highly skilled Senior QA Automation Engineer seeking a new position that offers you a consistent, predictable workload as well as competitive compensation? If so, then our Senior QA Automation jobs are just what you've been looking for. Not only do you get to work remotely, but you also have regular access to interesting and innovative projects.

Software and administrative support

Although remote jobs are becoming the norm for IT experts, the process does not work smoothly everywhere. Many developers find themselves having to deal with the hassle of expenditures for licensed software suites and other tools that they need. Many also have to navigate work in a new location without adequate support. With EPAM Anywhere, you don't have to worry about such expenditures, and we'll assist you with the installation and configuration of the latest technologies that meet industry standards. We’ll also provide other administrative and career support to help you maximize your career options.