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Java Spring Boot Developer jobs with EPAM Anywhere

Spring Boot remains one of the beloved frameworks and the most sought-after skills among Java developers. Lightweight and easy-to-use, Spring Boot makes Java even more powerful, so we expect its popularity to grow even more during the next few years.

Our partners — top global IT brands and startups — are looking for a seasoned Java developer for remote Spring Boot jobs. Just look through our openings, find one that suits your skills most, and apply. Or read on to see what skills are in demand in the market today.

Skills required to take on a Spring Boot Developer job

Spring Boot remains one of the top skills demanded among Java developers. Understanding DevOps principles, Git, and OOP make for an attractive Java-based professional. Among highly appreciated skills are:

  • experience in developing using Spring Boot
  • familiarity with Spring and its components — Spring Core, Spring MVC, etc
  • advanced knowledge of Java 7 or 8
  • firm grip on a Java Developer’s toolbelt — Swagger, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins, SVN, etc
  • applied knowledge of Git and CI/CD principles
  • experience with Postman and Newman would be a massive benefit for any Boot job
  • understanding the principles of containerization and orchestration, familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, etc
  • knowledge of RESTful services and HTTP
  • a solid grasp of RDBMS and SQL is required at almost all Spring Boot jobs
  • knowledge of XML, XSL, XSLT
  • understanding of OOP and SOLID principles is a must

Duties customary for Spring Boot Developer jobs

Depending on the professionality level, your responsibilities will be lying with architecting and developing applications. Among the typical duties are:

  • developing applications using Java, Spring, and other tools necessary
  • maintaining and updating existing Java-based applications
  • troubleshooting software, analyzing issues, suggesting and implementing fixes
  • covering applications with tests
  • translating business requirements into tasks and specifications for the technical team
  • implementing CI/CD might be the case for senior positions, as well as designing architecture for apps
Java remains one of the top choices for mission-critical applications, so it never goes out of style. Knowing Java means always being a demanded professional, but knowing one of its most widely used frameworks enables you to choose among the best projects on the market. So choose the best — run through the Java Spring jobs here at EPAM Anywhere, pick out the one that fits your skills most and hit “Apply”!