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Senior Java Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 24 February 2023

Senior Java Developer is responsible for creation of external and internal applications of various purposes and volumes, development of scalable products that increase the functionality of the entire system. In many IT professions, a developer has three main career levels: junior, middle, and senior. Each level has its own area of responsibility. To become a senior Java developer, you must go all the way and work for at least 5 years in a junior and/or middle position.

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Senior Java Developer Job Description Template

Senior Java Developers are required to know the Java programming language, write clean code, and commit to a number of roles and responsibilities. We have prepared Senior Java developer job description template that will help you get to know the specialty position in greater detail, and use it as an example for creating a vacancy or compiling a resume.

Responsibilities of Senior Java Developer

Each company has its own list of senior Java developer roles and responsibilities that directly depend on the size of the company and its individual goals. Most often, the qualification tasks of a specialist may include:

  1. Creation of external and internal applications of various purposes and volumes
  2. Task execution planning
  3. Collection of requirements for the future product
  4. Development of scalable products that increase the functionality of the entire system
  5. Interaction with the customer and head of the company;
  6. Deployment of all system functions
  7. Analysis of customer needs
  8. Preparation of reports on completed tasks
  9. Selection of the most suitable solutions for creating a product
  10. Automation of work processes
  11. Compliance with deadlines
  12. Analysis of all possible integrations and selection of the most optimal ones
  13. Distribution of responsibilities between team members
  14. Testing at different levels
  15. System support throughout its life cycle

Unlike junior developers, a senior Java developer is able to solve the most complex problems and develop applications with large amounts of data. In addition, according to the job description, they are responsible for mentoring colleagues and helping with tasks and training.

Requirements of Senior Java Developer

Main senior Java developer requirements:

  1. Advanced knowledge of Java and all its products, from frameworks to libraries
  2. Ability to lead a team of junior and middle specialists
  3. Software debugging skills
  4. Ability to create user interfaces and web products
  5. A Master's or Bachelor's degree in computer technology
  6. Related work experience of more than 5 years
  7. Possession of the latest technologies
  8. Knowledge of cloud technologies
  9. The ability to prove their point of view to the customer
  10. The ability to defend your team and the company as a whole

Also, an important job description skill for a senior Java developer is to find errors in their work and the work of junior colleagues, fix them, and work on bugs. That is, the mentor must explain to the members of their team why they were admitted, and how not to repeat them again.

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Roles and responsibilities of Senior Java Developer

Most often, Java developer roles are completely different, even in similar companies, and  their responsibilities vary depending on particular Java developer positions. But you will definitely need to be able to fulfill the most important of these responsibilities:

  1. Planning, designing, developing and maintaining Java applications
  2. Efficient and error-free coding
  3. Project collaboration
  4. Integration of updates
  5. Creating high-availability applications
  6. Software analysis and error checking
  7. Designing Java and Java EE applications
  8. Staying up-to-date with trending technologies
  9. Carrying out application releases 

Senior Java Developer Skills

There are also minor, but quite important, senior Java developer skills to be desired:

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. The ability to manage personal time and company time wisely
  3. Skills for delegating tasks between employees
  4. The ability to organize the workspace
  5. The ability to find innovative solutions to common problems

As described in the senior Java developer job description above, the professional should not only be engaged in coding, but also have leadership qualities that will propel the entire development team to achieve results, and also help to correctly present the finished product to the customer and company management. Customize this template with your expert expectations list, or build your resume to a higher level using our senior Java developer checklist.

Java developer duties and soft skills

In addition to the more technical requirements for a candidate, other Java developer duties and soft skills are also important for companies:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Purposefulness and desire to move up the career ladder
  5. Multitasking
  6. The ability to find errors and correct them
  7. Striving for new knowledge and skill improvement

The number of requirements for remote Java developer positions will always depend on the experience of the specialist, and the salary will also vary based on that. If you have the skills of a senior developer, be sure to include all your professional and personal qualities in your resume, even those that seem secondary.