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Python Engineer Remote Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

In 2021, Python celebrates its 30th birthday. Since this programming language was introduced to the IT community, it's been taking over many spheres of web development, including Data Science and Machine Learning. Developers appreciate Python for its wide community and plenty of ready-made solutions and libraries that speed up the development process and help newbie developers solve basic tasks without sufficient mathematics skills. As a result, Python rarely leaves the top of programming languages ratings.

At EPAM Anywhere, you can find plenty of jobs for Python Software Engineers in global projects for worldwide-renown companies. If you're a freelance Python Engineer looking for remote work in long-term projects with social benefits and vast career growth opportunities, read on. In our post, we'll uncover key skills for Python Engineers at EPAM Anywhere and their main responsibilities.

What qualifications and skills for a freelance Python Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

For our projects, we mostly hire Python Software Engineers with exceptional soft and hard skills. Since tasks and required qualifications range from one project to another, there's always a defined set of key skills a savvy Python Engineer must have. Obligatory hard skills for a Python Engineer include hands-on experience with Python development, Django framework, libraries, and object-oriented programming principles (OOP) in Python. Other skills we're seeking in our candidates are as follows:

  • Excellent knowledge of software engineering practices: code standards, code review, and release strategy.
  • CI/CD practices and deployment.
  • Firsthand experience with unit and API testing.
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting and monitoring aspects.
  • Knowledge of estimation techniques.
  • Experience with common Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.
  • Database development.

Additionally, most Python Engineer jobs require the following soft skills:

  • Basic business communication skills, including conversation management, presentation skills, and conflict resolution.
  • Self-efficiency to handle remote work: time management, self-management, and adaptability to changing working environments.
  • People development, including mentoring, emotional intelligence, and team engagement capabilities.
  • English level: at least Upper-Intermediate.

Key responsibilities for a Python Software Engineer

Typical duties for Python Engineer jobs comprise web application development in Python, integrating applications with third-party services and APIs, and writing documentation for new pieces of software.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Software testing including white-box testing.
  • Data analysis to develop applications that recognize faces, images, or voices.
  • Writing and administration of scripts and parsers.
  • Multi-threading applications development.

Getting a Python Engineer job at EPAM Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere is a platform with long-term projects on the remote. Once you join our platform, we'll choose the suitable project where you'll grow professionally and get a chance to skyrocket your career with the help from our Skill Advisors and Resource Managers. On top of that, we offer social benefits, relocation opportunities, and certification support for Python Software Engineers.