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EPAM Anywhere is looking for remote and freelance REST API Developers.


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Rest API Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

REST was created to enhance reliability, scalability, and uniformity, and to provide fast component interaction with stepped architecture and proper data distribution. Rest API Developers should understand the peculiarities of the common coding languages, and know how to combine different elements of final version representation and how to provide uninterrupted request processing.

Skills of proficient Rest Developer

Understanding systemic data and other information types programming, distribution, and initiation is the main principle of such a job. A Rest API developer must also be able to assess the programming surroundings and be familiar with alternative approaches to realization. The main skills required for the job:

  • optimize the application and tailor it for use in specific environments and frameworks
  • Identify and resolve validation mistakes and implement blocking of problematic users
  • knowledge of HTTP and the functionality of its parameters
  • develop new resources as needed based on the system’s specifications and dependencies
  • understand the basic principles of automated test implementation and manual testing
  • experience with Rest API IDEs

Typical responsibilities of Rest API developer

A good Rest API developer must be able to establish code integration elements and eliminate operating inconveniences. Rest API jobs require knowledge of element interaction — and employers may also expect:

  • testing and systemic integration
  • code development to customize the software and limit the number of requests.
  • data validation
  • updating the input parameter parser to reduce faults
  • connect databases with other components
  • content definition and validation
  • protection of data against corruption, compromise and loss
  • create and upgrade dashboards

EPAM Anywhere’s Rest API jobs are suitable for those who want to demonstrate high technological skills in code development and information distribution. Code development must meet the latest requirements and standards. Every programming process requires an efficient and careful approach. Working as a Rest developer will improve your ability to provide optimized and reliable products. If this is something you’re interested in, apply for one of our remote jobs and work for the world’s top brands 100% remotely!