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Remote Microsoft SQL Server Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

In the years since the advent of computers, humans have created more data than was created in all the rest of human history combined As you can imagine, there are bound to be difficulties retrieving these data clusters due to their sheer volume. To address the inevitable challenges, technology developed a data management system based on mathematical logic that to create, manipulate, and store data from different entities to suit a variety of needs. This has resulted in significant demand for Microsoft SQL server jobs.

Logic dictates that the need for database management will increase as more companies transition to an online business model to gain a competitive advantage. Microsoft SQL server DBA jobs are well-positioned to be one of the beneficial career opportunities unlikely to see a decline in the foreseeable future. In addition, Microsoft's SQL database management system is recognized as one of three of the best database management systems in the world. It is easy to see why a Microsoft server job can be an enriching experience, from both a financial and a career-development perspective. So why look elsewhere when EPAM has vacancies for your consideration?

Core Skills of a Microsoft SQL Server Developer

EPAM is looking to expand its team of highly-qualified IT talents to fill the growing need. So, if you are a talented Microsoft SQL server developer who's looking for a database management vacancy, and you have the following keySQL developer Microsoft SQL server skills, consider joining our A-team.

Technical Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of SQL programming language
  • Proven experience operating SQL databases such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ability to integrate and work with business intelligence data visualization software
  • Deep understanding of big data analytics
  • Excellent indexing skills
  • Working knowledge of programming languages like Python and Java is also helpful

Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem-solving abilities specific toMicrosoft SQL server jobs
  • Demonstrated history as a team player
  • Critical thinking and decision-making capabilities
  • Proven time management and organizational skills
  • High tolerance for stress

Responsibilities of SQL Database Management Developer

A Microsoft SQL server job influences how an enterprise organizes and controls their data, and it goes beyond simple management. So, what are the responsibilities of a Microsoft SQL server developer?

  • Write SQL codes
  • Create procedures, functions, and views
  • Communicate effectively with various departments and team members to collect and integrate data
  • Ensure easy access to data as appropriate
  • A Microsoft SQL server developer is also responsible for database management in the life cycles of various projects

Why consider Microsoft SQL Server jobs at EPAM Anywhere?

At EPAM Anywhere, you can explore unique career opportunities and receive growth support and training, along with a competitive salary and generous corporate benefits. Enjoy the chance to work on global projects for top brands, and enhance your skills with access to expert communities and an industry-leading learning platform. And all of this is available to you while you are working 100% remotely.