Python Automation Testing remote QA jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote QA Python Specialists.


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Become Python Automation Tester with EPAM Anywhere

Python has been around for almost 30 years, and it’s only growing its popularity. According to the PYPL index, Python remains the #1 language for the second year in a row. The TIOBE index, in turn, shows that it hasn’t left TOP-10 since 2006. Now it gains the trust of businesses worldwide and gathers the fastest-growing community, opening new jobs for developers and Python QA engineers.

We at EPAM Anywhere are excited to offer remote Python REST API testing jobs to specialists that will readily take on challenging projects in the most prominent techno brands worldwide. How your career will go is up to you. But we take our responsibility to support you at every step helping you build your expertise and secure your financial wellbeing.

Meanwhile, let’s sneak a peek at what it means to be a QA Engineer with EPAM Anywhere.

Skills necessary for a Python QA Automation career

To leverage automation in Python REST API testing, a quality assurance specialist must also know the developer’s ways. Firm grip on programming language, understanding of OOP, and mastery of testing principles define Python QA Automation engineer. Among skills expected from an expert Python QA are:

  • good knowledge of Python – syntax, types, operations, functions, scopes is essential for Python Automation testing jobs
  • basic understanding of threading and multiprocessing
  • ability to troubleshoot Python applications and work with exceptions
  • sound grasp of database development – SQL and NoSQL DBs and management systems
  • experience with OOP is a significant asset for Python QA jobs
  • applied knowledge of testing fundamentals, both manual and automated
  • the underlying understanding of HTML and CSS
  • proficiency with testing tools and frameworks – WebDriver, Pytest, unittest, Behave, Robot Framework

QA Engineer in Python: Responsibilities

Automation QA in Python is a job with high expectations. Such engineers cooperate with business and technical teams and should have a common tongue with both of them. They don’t just understand the business value of Python software but are also aware of its implementation. Here are some of the primary responsibilities you’re likely to take on Python Automation testing jobs:

  • writing clean, efficient, and well-structured test suites
  • studying and participating in the development of business and technical documentation
  • conducting automated tests for systems, applications, DBs, etc
  • finding, logging, and documenting bugs and errors
  • performing regression testing
  • developing E2E testing
  • cooperating with development teams to achieve the highest possible test coverage for an application

Leverage automation in QA with Python

Python Software is in vogue now, and it needs thorough testing. If QA automation is what thrills you, do not hesitate, run through the Python QA jobs at EPAM Anywhere, choose the one that suits you best, and hit Apply!