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Manual Tester jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Today the market is constantly in need of manual testing professionals who are ready to provide quality assurance for digital products. At the same time, specialists are offered convenient jobs. To work successfully, they need to communicate properly with other members of the development team and managers. With the right distribution of tasks for software manual testing jobs, a specialist will be able to work from home even more efficiently than in the office.

Main job description

Every development team today has at least one manual quality assurance job. These specialists constantly maintain the proper quality of products, evaluating their performance, manufacturability, and serviceability at different stages of development. They create the entire path from planning the test and prescribing a strategy to documenting the results and issuing technical specifications to developers to fix the bugs found.

There is a gradation in the form of junior, middle-level and senior manual testing specialists. Due to the specifics of online work from home, companies most often prefer to recruit at least mid-level manual testers for such conditions.

QA manual tester jobs responsibilities

Those performing manual tester jobs are expected to do the following:

  • Assessment of the quality of the application at different stages of its development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Manual testing at the request of the customer
  • Compilation of documentation on the found errors
  • Automation of work processes
  • Communication with developers and transfer of their TOR for bug fixes
  • Assisting developers in implementing solutions for found bugs
  • Providing the team with various tools for automation
  • Search for new solutions to improve the quality of testing
  • Communication with colleagues, management, and customers to solve tasks

In addition, QA manual tester jobs are required to independently prepare quality assurance strategies for various company projects. They must be clearly documented and agreed with the management of the company.

Manual tester jobs requirements

In order to get an offer from a recruiter for the manual quality assurance tester position, the candidate is required not only to recognize all kinds of bugs and know the basic concepts of testing but also to meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in a similar position from 2+ years in online or offline cooperation
  • Experience in Agile environment
  • A master's or bachelor's degree in computer technology
  • Ability to plan and create tests
  • Excellent skills in launching and conducting manual testing
  • Ability to write documentation
  • Knowledge of various errors and the ability to correctly classify them
  • Basic knowledge of different programming languages and the ability to navigate them
  • SQL proficiency

In addition, manual testing specialists need to be team players and solve all the issues raised, think logically and analytically, be stress-resistant and attentive to details.

Benefits of working online

Manual tester jobs offer a great opportunity to grow your career at your own pace and work from home. Looking for manual testing jobs near me loses its relevance because your work can now be anywhere. Telecommuting, you will have the freedom to combine work, studies, and personal life. In addition, manual software tester jobs will allow you to work with the most technologically advanced companies around the world.