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Java Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 10 February 2023

Java developer is responsible for implementation of all stages of creating Java-based software, developing all necessary app features, writing code, testing and bug fixing.

The Java programming language is one of the oldest and most popular in the world. Today Java is among the top three most popular programming languages. This means there is great demand for Java specialists. Check out Java developer job description template, expectations, and the standard requirements below.

Responsibilities of Java Developer

Main Java developer responsibilities:

  1. Implementation of all stages of creating Java-based software
  2. Writing code
  3. Correct assessment of the customer’s requirements
  4. Developing all necessary app features
  5. Testing and bug fixing
  6. Creation of an optimal user interface
  7. Planning and integration of updates
  8. Creation of documentation
  9. Application compliance check

The Java developer job description includes mediation between the client and all project participants. After collecting the data, a developer also conducts an analysis, creates the correct terms of reference, and assigns tasks. 

Requirements of Java Developer

When preparing for Java interview questions at your potential new workplace, you need to prove you meet the following Java developer requirements:

  1. Excellent Java engineering skills
  2. Ability to create user interfaces and Java applications in general
  3. Bachelor's or master's degree qualification in computer technology or engineering
  4. Ability to work with Java EE and Spring 
  5. Knowledge of databases, ORM, SQL technologies, and AWS for Java
  6. Skills in working with templates
  7. Knowledge of at least one framework

When it comes to senior Java developer requirements, a professional of this level is expected to independently manage the entire project and may have a team of less experienced colleagues under their supervision.

Roles and responsibilities of Java Developer

Most often, Java developer roles are completely different, even in similar companies, and  their responsibilities vary depending on particular Java developer positions. But you will definitely need to be able to fulfill the most important of these responsibilities:

  1. Planning, designing, developing and maintaining Java applications
  2. Efficient and error-free coding
  3. Project collaboration
  4. Integration of updates
  5. Creating high-availability applications
  6. Software analysis and error checking
  7. Designing Java and Java EE applications
  8. Staying up-to-date with trending technologies
  9. Carrying out application releases 

Java Developer Soft Skills and Duties

In addition to the more technical requirements for a candidate, other Java developer duties and soft skills are also important for companies:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Purposefulness and desire to move up the career ladder
  5. Multitasking
  6. The ability to find errors and correct them
  7. Striving for new knowledge and skill improvement

The number of requirements for remote Java developer positions will always depend on the experience of the specialist, and the salary will also vary based on that. If you have the skills of a senior developer, be sure to include all your professional and personal qualities in your resume, even those that seem secondary.