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QA Engineer Jobs in Poland

EPAM Anywhere is looking for QA Engineers in Poland.


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QA engineer in Poland at EPAM Anywhere

A company that specializes in development needs a competent QA engineer on staff. Their responsibilities include testing products with the help of special services at all stages of creation. The main task of a QA engineer is to check and analyze each process. This is the only way to ensure that the product works and meets the customer's expectations.

For a recruiter to be able to find a specialist at remote QA engineer jobs, they must outline precise requirements for candidates, and applicants need to know what to include in their resume. That's why this template was created.

Remote QA engineer jobs requirements

They test the product and analyze every stage of its development and use. The main evaluation criterion for a QA engineer is compliance with the terms of reference from the company and the expectations of the customer. This specialist’s tasks also include demonstrating the end user’s interaction with the product to management.

What makes the work of a QA engineer complex is that they are not a direct developer of the product, but they must understand its development and evaluate the result of each stage of work. Therefore, comprehensive testing should be carried out at every stage of development, not just before putting the product into operation.

What tasks does a QA engineer solve?

For each project, the company creates a specification, and the tester's task is to check the project for compliance with this document. A competent specialist must understand what quality the product should be at the output and ensure that the reliability indicators are at the highest level. To accomplish these tasks, the QA engineer in Poland uses exploratory and automated tests to achieve maximum results. In simple terms, a tester looks for bugs in a product, points them out, and ensures that other team members fix them.

QA engineer remote jobs in Poland: duties

The responsibilities of software testers include the following:

  1. Create and implement the most effective testing system.
  2. Create a product testing program after the end of its development.
  3. Perform test setup.
  4. Use automatic and research tests in work.
  5. Implement regression type testing.
  6. Evaluate a product’s compliance with requirements.
  7. Debug the testing system for the needs of the product.
  8. Provide full reports on the results of testing and discuss them with project managers.
  9. Have full control of all stages of product development.
  10. Register all problematic stages in development.
  11. Check the quality of bug fixes.

QA engineers: requirements

To perform their duties, a remote QA engineer in Poland must meet the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer technology
  2. 2+ years of relevant experience
  3. Possession of the methods necessary for work at a high level
  4. Confident teamwork
  5. Experience in writing a test plan
  6. Knowledge of coding at least at the initial level
  7. Working knowledge of frameworks and libraries
  8. Experience in effective work with testing of all types
  9. Ability to use new tools to improve the quality of development
  10. Ability to maintain documentation and write reports

That is, software QA engineer remote jobs involve searching for errors, as well as reporting them for further fixing.

QA engineers in Poland: personal qualities

The soft skills that increase the professionalism of a tester include attentiveness, complex problem solving, positive attitude toward criticism, the ability to work in a team, and stress resistance.

This is a typical description template for QA engineer remote jobs, according to which a resume can be correctly compiled. However, each company has its own requirements, so the descriptions of duties and requirements may differ.