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EPAM Anywhere is looking for ReactJS Developers in Poland.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Pipelines


40 hrs/week


12+ months

We are looking for a talented and experienced remoted Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

.NET, Azure Functions, JavaScript


40 hrs/week


12+ months

Greece, Poland,
and others
Greece, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine
We are seeking an experienced remote Senior MS Dynamics Developer with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Azure.

Work from Poland React JS developer jobs

React JS is a library used by many JavaScript developers. It facilitates frontend development, creating interfaces with a complex structure. To use all of the features provided by this library, a developer must be fluent in JS coding. If a specialist wants to prepare a compelling resume that will attract the attention of an employer and offer access to highly paid remote React jobs, they must understand exactly what skills to highlight.

Remote React jobs in Poland: summary description

The ability to work with React.JS is a very popular skill among employers, including companies developing web resources, applications, and software. Among the main requirements of work from home React JS jobs is the ability to create interfaces that are understandable, convenient, and user-friendly. In addition, you need to be able to write clean and scalable code using a comprehensive knowledge of the JS language.

What a React JS specialist should be able to do

When writing a resume for React remote jobs involving frontend development with React, it is not enough to write, create code in React, and work with libraries. Instead, specialists will likely need to demonstrate a well-rounded skill set, including:

  1. Understanding of basic library interface development tools
  2. Ability to write JS code
  3. Aptitude for turning any design into effective code
  4. Knowledge of frameworks and their specifications
  5. Talent in developing products that meet customer expectations for functionality
  6. Being capable of making changes quickly and accurately
  7. Skill in the development of adaptive updates
  8. Proficiency in identification and elimination of product defects

Companies hosting remote jobs for React developers prefer candidates who are able to understand and appreciate how interface design can contribute to the achievement of company goals.

What is required from a React JS specialist in Poland?

The responsibilities of different React developer remote jobs in Poland may differ from company to company, but the underlying expectations and requirements are generally universal:

  1. Superior work with JS and React JS
  2. High-quality coding
  3. Understanding of different programming concepts
  4. At least 2 years of experience in a similar position
  5. Ability to identify optimal solutions for the user interface
  6. Project management skills
  7. Facility with CSS, HTML interface languages
  8. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer sciences
  9. Proficiency with different libraries and frameworks for testing
  10. Talent in identification and correction of problems in development

What does a React JS specialist do in a company?

Many employers feature telecommute React jobs in Poland, and they expect that a React JS specialist will do the following as part of their work on projects:

  1. Full product development
  2. Defining tasks for other team members
  3. Implementing all requirements in the interface
  4. Automating development processes
  5. React JS coding
  6. Improving product performance through refinements and upgrades
  7. Developing an interface for user interaction
  8. Identifying and addressing project problems
  9. Preparing a plan to increase the appeal of the product for the end user

The React developer must make all necessary corrections using the appropriate protocol, and keep records of the work done for management and other team members.

Non-technical requirements in React developer remote jobs

The development of a digital product is always a team effort, so the ability to communicate effectively with others involved in the project is essential. The nature of remote JS jobs means that excellent communication skills, stress resistance, and excellent time management skills are important. Also, management always appreciates employees who actively seek to develop their skill set and master new tools. Finally, it is important to understand what the client wants and to create a product that fully meets or exceeds their requirements.