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how to write your best QA engineer cover letter

5 min readpublished 02 August 2022updated 06 February 2023

Your QA engineer cover letter is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and get noticed by potential employers. As a QA engineer, you are responsible for ensuring the quality of software products before they are released to customers. To succeed in this role, you must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and experience testing software applications.

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your relevant skills and experience, as well as your passion for quality assurance, whether you’re looking for manual tester remote jobs or those as a QA automation engineer. Your cover letter must address any required qualifications listed in the job posting and should be crafted for the company you're applying to.

QA tester cover letter writing tips

There are several steps you can take in your QA job search to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Do your research

Ensure you're well informed on what's going on in your industry. This will help you speak intelligently about your field later on during an interview and will give you a better idea of the positions available.

In addition, you should conduct detailed research into the specific company you're applying to. This includes their products, mission statement and values, and recent news or press releases.

Narrow your focus

You don't want to try to be everything to everyone, otherwise you'll just end up spreading yourself too thin. Try to focus on a few areas that you're passionate about, such as microservices or API testing, and look for companies that align with your interests.

Source some references

Ensure you have a list of references handy, as many employers will request this during the hiring process. Choose references who can speak to your work ethic and skill set and use this information to make your QA engineer cover letter more appealing.

Create a strong cover letter

Your software QA tester cover letter is often the first thing that potential employers will see, so it's essential to make a good impression. To tailor your cover letter, use the exact keywords that are used in the job posting and be sure to highlight your relevant skills and experience, as well as your passion for the role.

When writing your QA tester cover letter, be sure to:

  • Highlight your previous experience in quality assurance and testing roles.
  • Mention any relevant technical skills or software knowledge.
  • Describe your attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.
  • Emphasize your ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

If you have a strong cover letter, it will give you a better chance of being called in for an interview.

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A free sample cover letter for QA engineers

Your cover letter needs to highlight your relevant skills and experience depending on the role you’re seeking. If it’s a QA lead position, the hiring managers will be looking for strong team leadership skills, while QA managers will be expected to show advanced stakeholder requirement management skills, among others.

In your cover letter, be sure to mention any previous experience in testing software applications and any other specifics mentioned in the job specifications.

A cover letter for a QA specialist role could look something like this:

John Smith

Aardvark Technologies

121 Skylark Place

New York, New York

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing to apply for the role of QA specialist at Aardvark Technologies. As an experienced software tester, I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to excel in this role. I have reviewed your requirements in detail and think I have the requisite skills for the job.

In my previous role as a software tester at XYZ Corporation, I was responsible for testing software applications and identifying defects. I have experience working in various testing environments and am familiar with different types of testing methodologies. I am also skilled in using multiple tools and technologies for testing purposes.

In addition, my educational background in computer science has helped me develop a strong understanding of the underlying concepts of software development. This has enabled me to be more effective in my role as a software tester.

I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to your team and contribute to the success of your organization. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Doe

If you need help designing your cover letter, use our free QA cover letter example below to get started.

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