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QA Engineer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
2 min readpublished 25 April 2022updated 19 September 2022

Every development company needs a QA engineer. This specialist is proficient in versatile testing of products at different stages of their creation, and is familiar with using different types of development tools. The QA engineer performs a comprehensive analysis of each process, which guarantees the full compliance of the product within the stated requirements. We’ve created this ready-made QA engineer job description template that will help recruiters prepare a vacancy to search for competent employees, and help specialists to create the right resume that will meet the company's expectations.

QA engineer requirements

Other necessary QA engineer requirements include:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in computer technology
  2. 2+ years experience in a similar position
  3. Confident possession of various methodologies to achieve high product quality
  4. Experience working with a development team
  5. Ability to write a test plan
  6. Minimal coding skills
  7. Knowledge of applicable frameworks and libraries
  8. Experience with different types of testing
  9. Ability to work with different quality improvement tools
  10. Experience in documentation and reporting

All the work that a QA engineer does is based on constant monitoring of the software development process by developers. They must constantly evaluate the quality of the tasks performed and find errors in them, which will then be corrected by other team members.

QA engineer responsibilities

The job description of QA tester indicates that their main duties are to check the project for its compliance with the specification. The specialist must understand what a high-quality and reliable product is, and be able to achieve the highest performance possible.

There are two main types of tests — exploratory and automatic. Both options help the QA engineer achieve the desired result, and they must be engaged in finding errors, identifying them, and making sure that they are corrected.

QA engineer roles and responsibilities

In addition to building efficient and consistent tests, QA engineer roles and responsibilities include:

  1. building plans for further testing
  2. debugging tests
  3. implementation of tests in work
  4. conducting automated and exploratory testing
  5. conducting regression testing
  6. requirements analysis
  7. adjusting the actions of the testing system
  8. specification evaluation
  9. discussion of results with management and reporting
  10. documentation of reports on the work carried out
  11. tracking the entire path of creating software to assess its compliance with the requirements
  12. registration of problems
  13. checking for correction of detected problems

In addition to these QA engineer responsibilities, the specialist will also have to interact with other team members and third-party professionals. They will be expected to provide a clear, technical solution for correcting errors and improving on the quality of the work performed.

QA engineer skills

In addition to technical requirements and necessary practical skills, a specialist must meet certain QA engineer expectations:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Sociability
  3. Stress tolerance
  4. A healthy attitude towards criticism
  5. Ability to solve complex problems

Now that you know the basics of a QA engineer job description, remember that each company has its own unique requirements, responsibilities, roles, and skills depending on their goals and the type of products that they release. This suggested template is still a great place to begin for recruiter listings and to improve the quality of your professional resume.

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