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React JS Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 19 April 2022updated 19 September 2022

React JS is one of the most important JavaScript libraries. It has become popular due to the simplification of the frontend development system and the convenient process of creating a user interface. To interact with React, you need to have other skills in addition to knowing the JavaScript programming language.

To facilitate the preparation of your resume for remote React JS developer jobs, we suggest getting acquainted with React responsibilities, a standard job description template, and the main expectations companies have when hiring React JS specialists.

Main React JS job description template

What is a React.JS developer? These are specialists who are involved in the complete process of developing the user interface for various types of applications. The React developer job description states that a professional should be able to write JavaScript code and work with open source libraries.

React responsibilities

Before submitting your resume to a potential employer, pay attention to these React responsibilities:

  1. Creating an interface using internal React tools
  2. Writing JavaScript code
  3. Converting design mock-ups into code
  4. Working with libraries such as Sigma, Git, CSS, Adobe XD, etc.
  5. Creating a web interface according to the client's preferences
  6. Implementing app modifications
  7. Creating regular updates
  8. Finding and fixing bugs

An additional advantage will be the ability to analyze the requirements for an application and parts of the interface.

React JS requirements

Most companies have a standard set of React JS requirements for a future employee:

  1. Deep knowledge of JavaScript and React JS
  2. Coding skills
  3. Knowledge of the main components such as Virtual DOM, JSX, etc.
  4. Bachelor's or master's level qualification in computer science or engineering
  5. 3+ years of work experience in a similar position
  6. Ability to develop attractive user interfaces
  7. Ability to manage projects
  8. Experience with CSS and HTML
  9. Ability to work with Enzyme, Webpack and Flux, as well as at least one performance testing framework
  10. Ability to find and correct errors effectively

React JS developer roles and responsibilities

Job postings often list multiple React JS developer roles and responsibilities. For example:

  1. Planning the entire product lifecycle
  2. The ability to draw up technical specifications for other team members
  3. Consideration of user interface requirements
  4. Automation of development processes
  5. Writing code according to the requirements of React JS
  6. Implementing modifications and updates to improve application performance
  7. Timely detection and correction of errors
  8. Product improvement planning

In addition, the React developer job description includes documentation creation to streamline the operation and life cycle of a product.

React developer skills

Non-technical React developer skills that are important for securing your desired job at a new workplace include:

  1. Teamwork skills
  2. Desire to acquire new knowledge, get acquainted with new tools and technologies
  3. The ability to properly organize working time
  4. Understanding customer requirements
  5. Stress tolerance

You don't have to meet absolutely all React JS requirements to get the job. Most importantly, write down all your experience and skills in your resume. Perhaps you will be hired as a junior-level employee, where you can gain all the necessary knowledge to move forward with your career.