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Android Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 04 August 2022

Android OS has many methodologies and standards that must be taken into account when producing applications. Therefore, developers need to consider each of them carefully, and be prepared with a sufficient skillset before applying to developer jobs. We have organized this detailed Android developer job description outline to help tech companies hire worthy candidates. For tech professionals, this article will help you to prepare a quality resume for Android developer job applications.

Main job description

What is an Android developer? Android developers create convenient, modern, and high-tech applications for the Android OS that will fully comply with every platform requirement. Applications must be optimized for different mobile devices and other equipment types that use this operating system, and they must be compatible with new updates as they are rolled out.

An Android developer not only creates an application, but they also test it before launch, put it into operation, provide technical support, and implement the latest updates. The tech specialist is also responsible for adapting and integrating the application with backend services.

More often than not, an Android developer does not work alone. They regularly interact with a team of related specialists, and work collaboratively to plan, create, and develop a new product. For this reason, professionals must be able to communicate with colleagues effectively for success.

Android developer responsibilities

Most often, Android developers are assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and creating applications specifically for Android
  • Exhibiting and presenting products on various platforms
  • Writing high-quality and scalable code
  • Ensuring maximum performance
  • Search and correction of possible errors
  • Code quality support
  • Optimization of the product for different devices and versions
  • Putting the product into operation
  • Providing post-release support
  • Interaction with databases and API
  • Application testing at different levels
  • Creation and implementation of updates

After the application has been released, the developer must constantly maintain its competitiveness. An Android developer's responsibilities also include cooperation with third-party teams of specialists, who they work with to implement additional technological solutions for the product.

Android developer job requirements

The primary Android developer job requirements include:

  • Java coding skills
  • Experience with Android SDK
  • Experience in developing a technological and user-friendly user interface
  • Ability to work with different versions of Android
  • Experience working with channels of application interaction with the server and internal libraries
  • The ability to create an attractive design
  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar position
  • Bachelor's or Master's level degree in computer technology
  • Experience creating a complete application life cycle
  • Ability to interact with cloud structures

The Android developer job requirements also demand the ability to adapt to the target audience of the future application. Even though Android development is a technical specialty, the candidate must be versatile in terms of professional qualities. These attributes will help make it possible to create a truly valuable and interesting product, and allow for every set goal to be met.

Roles and skills of Android developers

The main roles and skills needed for this specialty position include:

  • Ability to work on the Android application at different levels: design, development, and commissioning
  • Timely testing for serviceability and functionality
  • Ability to search for and correct possible errors
  • Solution seeking and implementation in general
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Desire for self-improvement and learning new skills

Note that this specific Android developer job description is not absolute. Every company reserves the right to supplement job requirements based on their unique goals. Even during the work process, there are often additional skills that need to be mastered, and new expectations established as the job progresses. This is why it’s important for the Android developer to be willing to constantly improve their knowledge base and help broaden the horizons for their profession.